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This is my part of an art trade with :iconsketchywolf-13: - basically, the only guy I do art trades with. Sketchy was supposed to draw me a picture with my Giant Crab OC. Rarity's Food Truck - Here's his part of the art trade..
Here are my previous art trades with him:

Can't Hold Her Back by Pony-Berserker  NO SOLICITORS! by Pony-Berserker

Sketchywolf-13 wanted a picture with his OC (named Sketchy), Twilight's mom and Twilight doing something together. Well, since shipping is a weak and boring subject, I decided to draw an interaction between them. I hope I grasped it well enough. Kinda like a literal genie, though...
Poor Twilight is so innocent.
PS: Twilight's mom is a book author in the official IDW comics. That's why Twilight refers to her books.
In the background we can see a duo that regularly appears in my works - Southern Comfort (an OC of Magello) laughs at Longhaul's (an OC of MrPOSSLQ) misery after he's stepped into temporary quicksand (in Equestria, where monsters wait for you around every corner, quicksand shouldn't be somehting unusual). Southern Comfort doesn't know something (somepony) is plummeting down directly over her. Karma strikes back?
Both Magello and MrPOSSLQ are my Patreon sponsors, hence their OC's appear in the backgrounds of my works.

Thanks to Middy for help with the dialogue (and the title).

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners. Art is mine and only mine! | Do not repost on DeviantArt! If translated - do not post on DeviantArt. | 13-04-2015 EQD Drawfriend Stuff

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Rarity is just great XD