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Like A Prince (RuBronyCon 2016 comic)



This comic might not make sense even in context but I just wanted to draw something with OC's of people I spent most tim with during RuBronyCon. As weird as it might seem, a short script for this comic comic took actually two people to write... me and Middy
The joke is reference to me whining too much during trips... :P

So this comic is featuring OC's of SzafaLesiaka (my real life friend who went with me to Moscow), Slaaneshi Pony (who was our interpreter/guide for Saturday) - the yellow pegasus talking with Berzie, Twkr (the main force behind inviting me to Moscow and our interpreter for Sunday) - the violet unicorn with a cane - I actually had to design his pony. The mole is an OC of StasySolitude who spent the Saturday with us. And of course my changeling Berzie. I didn't include my dad here because I'm not quite sure he'd like to see 'himself' as a horse... and I wouldn't like to draw him badly or something. Too much pressure xP
Guest appearance of Longhaul and Southern Comfort who belong to my Patreon supporters MrPOSSLQ and Magello

Thanks to MoonFlowerSax and Emperor of fimfiction for suggestions re. Moos-cow :D

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners.Oct 20 2016 EQD comic post
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I already have something prepared for comic re. the season finale but of course I won't post spoilers before the US premiere ;)
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Well, how do you like Moscow?