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Is This A Meme?

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MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Meme outside of DA, thanks :P 17 Aug 2019 EQD21 Dec 2019 EQD
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Calm down Tia or Luna will be the one sending you to the moon this time.

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No, it's Patric (i know, that Im not first one)

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I love how their manes and tails aren't magically moving.
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No this is Patrick
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Luna:'Gestures to Celestia sitting on her throne while equestria burns outside the window.' "Is this being useful".
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This made sense cuz Luna was Banised to the moon during Season 1 lol

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Is this a comment?

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Is this a(n outdated) meme
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Wait did you draw this yourself?! Looks like it's from the offical comics.
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of course I drew it myself...
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Also sorry about that ^^" Some people post official art from shows and comics that they didn't do. That's why I questioned it.
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Luna is not amused.
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Luna's expression makes the whole piece. Well played, good sir, well played
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Is this a about Luna and the moon in case
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"Everyone I Don't Like is on the Moon: The Emotional Horse's Guide to Sibling Rivalry"
  Yes Celestia.  For we are all born into prisons that we cannot see, taste or touch.  It's called 'Consciousness'.  We are all prisoners of our own minds.

  Some consider consciousness a curse rather than a blessing.

  That's as existentially philosophical as I care to get.
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Bohemian Rhapsody.
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