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How To Train Your Demon: Warcraft is Magic

A Failed Demon-stration by Pony-Berserker - part 2 (sort of)

This is something I rarely do - a crossover comic. The references are quite obvious for World of Warcraft players, but to those who are not familiar with the game - Twilight is a warlock here. Warlocks use dark magic to cast damaging spells and, most importantly, summon demons to assist them. The demons presented in this comic do not cover all possible demons (I actually plan to draw a second part some time in the future - featuring a doomguard :3). Anyway, the demons in the comics are cartoon versions of the demons from the game (the Observer doesn't look like a cool, jolly guy), the succubus is obviously ponified, too.

Why did I draw this comic? For fun - I found this idea funny in my head, and I couldn't resist drawing this, despite the fact I have 2 comic series waiting to be updated :P.
I've got positive feedback from a few gamers, so maybe it's not that bad.

Great thanks to Middy for his advice.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. WoW and its characters belong to Blizzard (I think? This is a parody, so it barely matters anyway) | If you translate this comic or repost, please do not post it on Deviant Art. | 20 Oct 2014 EQD Comic post.

PS: My patreon followers could have seen the comic earlier, and got WIPs and sneek peaks over last weeks! You can join them and pledge your donation here.

PS 2: This comic is a rare case when I used a lot of the copy-paste method (or using it at all, actually), but I think it's justified by the fact that this comic shows several versions of what follows after Panel 1.

PS 3: Those weird signs between panels are actually legit stuff written in a mysterious font. Kudos to anyone who decides to decipher it. You will get a feat of strength "Insane in the Membrane" when successful :thumbsup:
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Bolt187's avatar
What would happen if a changeling queen/king got a hold of a succubus? 
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Never had WoW.
So I don't get it.
But I like the succubus.
I don't care about what gender, I saw some of the comments. :D

I got taught they are female.
But again, I wouldn't care about it anyways.
The real threat is that energy gets sucked out from you.
iowaguy1979's avatar
that imp is a psycho!  love the REO Speedwagon reference, and the succubus is, of course, spot on.  well done!
zombienutjob's avatar
hang on I just realized something, if queen chrysalis steals love from others and takes various forms in order to do so....doesn't that technically make her a type of succubus?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Yes. I think that creators thought of succubi when they created Chrysalis. She pretty much is one.
Konfusion64's avatar
Yes actually, in-fact changelings (outside of MLP btw) are basically lesser succubi w/a copycat gimmick
hope I enlightened ya~ :D
this reminded me of an old magazine article i read where someone put one of those "level up your character for you" services to the test, and was unsatisfied with the result: they taught his warlock a skill that makes the Succubus stronger, but DID NOT LEARN the succubus summon skill!
Zorbonaut's avatar
Is somehow expected the final punchline to be Pony Tyrion.
AstarothMelu's avatar
This was NOT in my contract!!! ^_^
StaredEclipse's avatar
My voidwalker is always complaining at me lol 
WavornSnowber's avatar
You're thinking of voidwalkers. They don't want to be there. Voidlords don't mind being summoned.
Voidlord: "You called....and I have answered..."
Voidwalker: "Send me back..."
Nice art btw!
Pony-Berserker's avatar
You're right but I didn't got for 100% accuracy :P
ragnaros42's avatar
what no flegaurds? 
Thorinair's avatar
Ever since seeing this comic a few months ago, I decided to get the full Nemesis set on my warlock for transmog, as it looks very similar to the set Twilight has. Yesterday, I have finally completed the set.
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
The Imp reminds me of The Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight from the Tick
boombloxgamer10's avatar
SherlockBoy's avatar
Why is the Succubus so oddly attractive?
WhellerNG's avatar
Because it's a succubus? That's the point.
Sel-Diora's avatar
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
I was all set to comment on this comic just when the PS3 Network decided to go all denying-entry on us...
So here I'm back over a month later & I can finally say...
:iconpinkiegaspplz: *deep inhale*
Cool comic, dude!
AllSeeingPortrait's avatar
I can think of one pretty useful demon, although I'm not sure if he'll do anything for you without a price...
Ghalaghor's avatar
Dat succubuss!

Is that a typo or why is she calling a female demon master instead of mistress?
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