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How To Identify Trixie

This comic is a monthly Patreon reward for Justin Blum, one of my Patreon supporters.
The comic features Cobalt - one of Justin's OC's - who happens to be similar to Trixie. Being similar to a canon character usually brings more troubles than benefits...
Justin wanted a picture about similarity between his OC and Trixie because he got some harsh treatment for this fact. This is some sort of issue in the fandom that certain 'fans' become enraged upon seeing an 'OC' more or less similar to any canon character. 
So, after thorough thinking and after scratching some other ideas, me and Middy came up with this comic.

OC's who appear in the background of Panel 1 (from left):
:bulletblack:  Midnight Blazu who belongs to Middy - co-writer of this story.
:bulletorange: Southern Comfort who belongs to :iconmagello: - one of my Patreon supporters.
:bulletyellow: Longhaul who belongs to :iconmrposslq: - one of myPatreon supporters

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners. If you repost or translate, please don't post it on Deviantart, thank you. 22-06-2015 EQD comic post.
If you enjoy my works, you might want to join the crowd and support me on Patreon. Every bit counts!
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Doppelgangers. They take attention away from you whenever you feel like it, can be forced to do whatever you want, and pays your taxes. Get your own OC doppelganger today
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Spoiler Warning
Considering what happens later in court...
He'll have to pay more than the taxes...
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I forget Trix-- I mean Cobalt is a guy half the time. His cutie mark doesn't really help him at all. Cutie Marks represents their talents, not names. Poor sap.Laughing my ass off! 
Mario-McFly's avatar
I'm confused. What does a balancing scale (the Cutie Mark) have to do with cobalt, which is a chemical element?
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Now that I have an account, let me give this old comic a :+fav: too.
The taxes line though. :laughing:
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I know why Trixie needs to make otherponies think she is not herself. As the plaque in Mayor Mare's office says "PAY TAXES OR DIE"   well done!
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Actually the first sign is that 'Not-Trixie' isn't abusing First/Third Person Narrative like the real Trixie does when referring to herself.
MlpGAl101's avatar
Just like Andy price
NexusPieXIII's avatar
Nice work with teh art and comic I feel like theres an IRS satire in this somewhere
Animatorsnake's avatar
...hehehheh, you sly mare
wow that's low Trixie!!
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
Oooo this was a good one!  Loved it!
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! That's so mean, Trixie... :XD: :XD: :XD:
Flimflanboy's avatar
Excuse me while I hire a carpenter to replace that wall.
Elsa-Does-Minecraft's avatar
"Damn it, Trixie, I'm not paying your taxes!"

"Trixie, may or may not pay her taxes"
Magpie pony

youtube channel: Pitch and Magpie Productions

no this is not my channel it is a funny channel that reads comics from mlp, I suggest you have a look
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Arandrim Sentinel: Lady Lulamoon? General Naryon of Arandrim seek an audience with you
Cobalt: That's nice and all, BUT I'M NOT TRIXIE
W0nderbolts's avatar
trixie, you are brilliant as always
Kyoshyu's avatar
...oooookaaay, way to screw with your country's taxes, Trixie. >_>
And then the real Trixie gets the bill, for no one can hide from the evil that is the IRS. Just ask Al Capone.
SympathyForTheDerpy's avatar
You don't have to identify Trixie, she'll just let everyone know she's the Great and Poweful Trixie.
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I got some kind of weird Monty Python vibe from this comic as if it was one of their weird sketches, such how not to be seen.
Love it :D
evangelian007's avatar
Wow! Trixie is surely evil. Adorable but evil. :XD:
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