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The trick went better or worse than expected. Trixie has mixed feelings.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. If you translate or repost, please post it outside of DA, thank you. 09 Apr 2019
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if your still talking then I guess not to be concern with

Bandicoot-Sauce's avatar

Starlight, I think what you meant to say is, "HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME???!!!" Lol!

TheKman100's avatar
"That depends. Can you move those parts?"
SaurusRock625's avatar
WHOA!!! 0.0 Now that's not right.
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Yes Third as much when you guys wanna do it do you wanna view
this made me think of a story on the website "sluggy Freelance": someone used magic portals to "cut" someone in half, but her top half wound up in another dimension!
Schwarzer--Ritter's avatar
Apparently Trixie bought her magic box from Trafalgar Law.
Godzilla278's avatar
Kids may take her to the hospital
Kyoshyu's avatar
She can be a head in a jar now, though. :D
saber360's avatar
Fire-Link's avatar
Trixie's eventual reaction is, "I can fix this!". Awesome work. How's things going?
CameoFiasco's avatar
Godzilla278's avatar
Do you want me to do the trick later
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
I love what you did with her tail to conceal any guts and internal organs :P
Mega-PoNEO's avatar…
:iconmlptrixieplz: Starlight, if you can move around in that state, you'll be Monsoon of the Winds of Destruction.

Starlight Glimmer: trixie, put all of my body parts back together now, I gotta blow a farts and I can't do it in front of others pony that are watching.

Deadpone's avatar
Aww, you did what I wanted to do to Starlight after season 5! XD
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I've got a few for this:

Starlight will regret ever saying she wanted to get a head.

She got so nervous she fell to pieces.

Starlight Glimmer (shut up) plz How come nopony ever told me my ass was this big?!!!

This must have been a slice-of-life episode.

Gives me an idea for a Trixie grimdark!

Trixie: um no, your butt wasn't that big. I'm sure sunburn will still love you and your butt.

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