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Hack To The Future

Well, the Cutie Map mission could prevent Starlight from spreading her cutie mark equality idea...
This time I tried to use a bit different style for this comic. What do you think?

Great thanks to Middy for his suggestions.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. If you translate or repost, please do it outside of DA. 30 Jul 2016 EQD comic post

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*everyone is having a panic attack running around shattering glass all over the place*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.23.49 PM

*spamming a virtual alarm button her phone*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.23.43 PM

*holding up a sign that reads "TEH IND is NEER!!!"*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.23.12 PM
Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.23.19 PM

*having a f*cking fist fight screaming in panic while a baby starts crying like a baby cuz she is a baby duh*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.25.19 PM


Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.25.02 PM

*Throwing pottery all over the place in absolute panic*

Screenshot 2021-10-31 8.56.31 AM

WERE ALL GONNA [dead] IN A WEASLY MEASLY [ninety-one years of despair and fear]!!!

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.30 PM

Ah, shucks, I'm gonna buck myself!!! *attempts to kick herself in the face*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.46 PM

Somebody save me, please. *crying softly*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.22.23 PM


Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.46 PM

*Sobbing intensifiys*

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.24.10 PM

For ANYBODY who has a wish to make, CALL ME IN when we're ALL dead!!!

Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.22.43 PM

I-I'M GONNA USE THIS GUN!!! *shoots everything, but misses everyone*

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Congratulations Twilight, Starlight has now taken over Equestria and Equality is speared around Ponyville and other cities. Happy?

RandomPonyHere's avatar
Screenshot 2021-10-03 10.21.58 PM


Daelencc's avatar
Twilight sparkle: element of idiocy
nayialovecat's avatar

Nice job, Twi, nice job X"D

SaradominInquisitor's avatar

Take all of my bits. And lets do this change!

I accept any consequences

ZombieFX's avatar

Twilight was beat in her own game

ilvbrownies's avatar
This idea deserves some further explaining, maybe a follow up to figure out what she forgot?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
uh, the last panel clearly shows what Twilight forgot. There's no need to dig into anything at that point
ilvbrownies's avatar
FacehoofI guess I wasn't paying close enough attention, I feel silly now. 
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I don't consider myself a "brony", partly because I know almost nothing of the earlier generations, but is it true that Rarity was a princess in G3?

Also, who exactly has the authority to determine the line of succession? Is there a big parliamentary debate over it every time or does the one in line choose for him/herself?

And is the canon line of succession Celestia, Twilight, then Luna or is it Celestia, Luna, then Twilight?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Generations are reboots so nothing from previous generations carries on to the next generation.
Celestia and Luna are diarchs - they are theoretically equal rulers. Twilight is apparently a minor "princess" that doesn't rule over Equestria... and doesn't even rule over Ponyville but her exact status has never beem precisely described - she's just a princess of friendship, whatever that means.
gattuvem72's avatar
I think "Princess of Friendship" means that "Friendship" is the name of her royal house, just as "The Night" is (what seems to be) the name of Celestia's and Luna's and "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" was that of Prince Albert (hence the name "Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha").
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Now you invoke an even greater power: An evil force known only as RETCON
SaradominInquisitor's avatar

We're only destroying the present to return back to original good old days and create alternative path of the show where it didn't divided the show and fandom in half.

Just like many fans of Star wars would gladly retcon Star Wars sequel trilogy for complete remake. Return Star wars back to it's former glory.

torchic62's avatar
I can tolerate her.... but I could do without her.
torchic62's avatar
I don't even see her as a Mary sue. I think she's just wasted potential. She's not even the worst character to me, rarity takes that blood-soaked crown every time for me.....
afl300's avatar
and the next thing you know, twilight changes the timeline again.
KopaLeo's avatar
It's a good presentation of how it could go, except the fact that Starlight Glimmer is still there. She could have retconned her away too. Actually she should.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
The joke is she forgot about her =P
KopaLeo's avatar
Rarity, Celestia, or Luna would have stopped Starlight.

Also, Twilight in her original plan was not to be a "useless bookworm", but to be like Starswirl, unless she used that on herself intentionally sarcastically, to satirize the idea that being a bookworm is inferior to being a political leader, despite examples of great bookworm (or scholar, whatever it's called) Starswirl.

Actually it still doesn't explain why Pinkie can remember so many things.
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