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Well, the Cutie Map mission could prevent Starlight from spreading her cutie mark equality idea...
This time I tried to use a bit different style for this comic. What do you think?

Great thanks to Middy for his suggestions.

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I believe that the Mystery Cure episode retcon a lot of things, such as Twilight being friendless before coming to Ponyville and Pinkie Pie knowing that Fluttershy is so sensitive.

I prefer Twilight as an unicorn because it makes her down-to-earth and give her more challenge. It reminds me of "Winter Wrap Up".

Now that remind me that the Equality episode sound like an ass-pull because it took 5 seasons to recognize it. Why not about a sibling wanted to ask the Mane 6 for help and deal with the Equality issue?

Why Starlight didn't communicate with Sunburst? It's not like the Cutie Mark will cut the friendship. The Cutie Mark Crusader deal this situation better. If only each one earn their Cutie Mark on their own at their own time.