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Freeze No Evil, Sneeze No Evil, Be No Evil

A picture commissioned by :iconroo-gryphon: who wanted a picture of Luna raising the Moon during the longest night of the year (hence the snow), just like Celestia raises sun during the longest day of the year. However, I didn't want to do it in a conventional way - such pictures look better in god-like almost 3d realistic quality, not in this comic-y style, so I convinced Roo-Gryphon to add 3 bat ponies acting silly. Or at least not serious enough.

Well... This is the first time I drew bat ponies.
And Luna's (Alicorn's in general) proportions are crazy. Just saying.

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Art by me. | May 18/19 2014 EQD Drawfriend Stuff
More pics with Luna (and other ponies) - in my gallery
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NightFoxGangsters's avatar
i love that one gard whith the crush on luan XD
MiragePotato's avatar
i can hear the fanfics been writen
brony3099's avatar
I am with that bat pony on the far right.
ilovewolf888's avatar
i like that bat pony with the hearts XD
Flimflanboy's avatar
Off to get some cider to christen this ship.
bbb35's avatar
:iconchuuplz: I love it!!

So cute, and perfect to look at on Halloween.

And that one guard, eyeing Luna with love. So sweet :)
Nobodylord's avatar
The Winter Moon Solstice 
Johesy's avatar
I can relate to the guard on the far most right xD
TheProsument's avatar
Aaaaw I thought of Quake when I first looked at that symbol.
PrinceCres's avatar
The two to the left are funny, but the one to the right is being all love struck by Luna that's cute there ;)
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
To them, it's cold! But to him, it's HOT! XD
DragonTurtle2's avatar
I hate to tell you this, but I assume you would want to be aware of how your art is perceived:  I couldn't tell that was suppose to be a stage until I read your description.  I still think it looks more like a balcony coming out of a castle or mountain.  There are no buildings or signs of civilization in the background, giving the impression that they're high up, and this ceremonial stage has no color or decoration, so I thought it was just stone. 

I also couldn't tell that there was snow covering the thing; the 'snow' looks like the tops of stone banisters.  If it wasn't currently snowing heavily, where are the hoof prints from when they got on stage?

You've said that you prefer a "comic-y style," but you've managed to be way better at details than this before.  
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Thanks, but...
Canterlot is on the mountain.
The "stage" is a part of the castle that is on the mountain, and it is indeed something like a balcony, or rather a terrace.
You look slightly from below at them, so the snow-covered area can't be seen by you, except for its edge. So all the trails are hidden from you at his point. And obviously you can't see any signs of civilization when you look at the sky. the lower mountains are below the line of view.
And well, I assume the castle is made of stone, so it is indeed stone.
This stage actually looks similar to what you see in the actual show - just a platform with sun, royal guards next to Celestia.

And I haven't seen such a wobbly top of a stone banister =P They should be perfectly straight, not wobbly. And it's purplish, because it's night.

So, technically you perceived it as it should be. I don't know why youassumed it should be a ceremonial stage full of ornaments and it should happen on the ground? =P
Yapity's avatar
probably because Celestia raises the sun from a ceremonial stage with ornaments that sits on the ground.
Pony-Berserker's avatar
I looked at the scene and there weren't any ornaments. It was just a stage and no one said it must be the same one.
And this here is basically a stage that is part of a castle... covered with snow. How hard is to grasp such a simple concept that most people seem to get?
Yapity's avatar
I'm not disagreeing with you, I pretty much understood what was happening, for the most part.

I'm just answering this question:  "I don't know why you assumed it should be a ceremonial stage full of ornaments and it should happen on the ground? =P (Razz)"

Love your work btw
richfiles's avatar
Pony on da right knows what it's all about!
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Batpegasus Lunar Guardstallion falling in love - or getting infatuated - with his Commander in Chief. :-)
I ship this more than FedEx. :-)
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