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And now for something completely different - ponies being aware of being in comics.
The comic features the following OC's of my Patreon supporters (from right in Panel 1):
Longhaul who belongs to :iconmrposslq:
Southern Comfort who belongs to :iconmagello:
Silver Sickle who belongs to :icontheponystark:
Sweet Words who belongs to Justin Blum

The guest appearances of:
SzafaLesiaka's ponysona who coincidentally (or not) has his birthday today!
and Midnight Blazu who belongs to my assistant - Middy 
Also - my changeling avatar's forehoof can be seen in Panel 2 :P

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners. If you repost or translate, please don't post it on Deviantart, thank you. 31-05-2015 EQD comic post

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As a changeling artist, do those holes in your legs present any nuisances? Like, getting pencil shavings or other debris in them while you work?