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I know you want memes. The number of faves and views tells me that, so you can only blame yourself that I made this one.
Since you ask this question a lot: Spike has a green tongue in most IDW comics and I like this styllistic so I'm gonna color his tongue green too.
Also - in official IDW comics, Sweetie Belle has a plush Spike toy - :P

spike drake meme DA empty by Pony-Berserker an empty template for all your meme needs.

See my other ponified memes!  Spike's Fist by Pony-Berserker  Spike Looking At The Other Girl by Pony-Berserker

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Post this meme with alt text outside of DA, thanks Oct 10, 2018 EQD
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Does Spike really doesn’t like Sweetie Belle much?

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Lol keep it uneea
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Spike's first expression/reaction is very similar to his reaction when the Mane 6 first start talking about the Grand Galloping Gala back in Season 1.
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I didn't even use it as a reference, though. I referenced the original meme with photos of Drake :D
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Don't listen to any of the haters on this thread. They're just oblivious to the fact that even before bronies were a thing, Lauren intended for this show to be enjoyed by FAMILIES, not JUST its intended target audience of little girls. In fact, it's not even just Lauren Faust. One of the writers said in a rant against rabid fans that even though they haven't changed their target audience, they purposely don't dumb it down, and purposely put in stuff for the older viewers, as well as even some stuff for themselves. And as the series has progressed, so have the number of pop culture references. It's also taken on themes like a tyrant that enslaved a whole empire (Sombra), a demon-like villain (Tirek), a DBZ-like fight (same episode), an implied communist village, as well as an alternate future where everyone is at war. I'm not saying other kids' shows haven't done this, as it's definitely still for kids, but it's far from the actual preschool show that dumbass haters try to put it on. 

And yet, no one bats an eye over grown adults enjoying other children's series like Sesame Street, Arthur, Minions, Pokemon, etc. But if it's about magical ponies and friendship, and mostly for little girls rather than little boys or for children of both genders, then anyone who enjoys it MUST need mental help! Give me a fucking break! :roll: Also, let it also be known that not all bronies make porn of the show and/or masturbate to it. Besides, all fandoms have perverts, and likewise, this is far from the only children's show that has porn of it. There's even porn of Dora the Explorer, but still, people ignore that.  

You did a fantastic job on this! Just ignore the haters! They'd rather feel like internet edgelords by belittling anyone who enjoys something even remotely out of the ordinary, and comply with the way most of society expects them to think than be bothered to take their time of day to listen to logic. So let them rot in their biased negativity!
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When I first saw this and I was like meh why not doing something crazy and then I made these. Hopefully you don't mind.
Dont Know What To Name This Title by yuettung116 Alter 1 by yuettung116 Alter 2 by yuettung116
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That Spike plushie was really cute, wasn't it? ~~
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You never even liked Drake. You never liked his music videos, his songs, his albums and you never subscribed to him for support. It's like John Cena or Randy Orton. You never loved or liked their moves treated as a fan, their victories, his champion belts or his movies or games that they where in

And Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino. He is a music artist who made This is America but people memed about that video are rude and disrespectful people because they think Racism, Gun Violence and Church shootings are funny just like how Amanda Todd's Suicide.

Here's a bright idea to give it a shot. Why don't you make an art of support by helping the victims of hurricane michael. Just like how they made art of the victims of the typhoons Yolanda.

Because unlike Spike. He helped donating money for the poor and donate schools…

Think you can perform that God's plan? Or just do nothing so people would die hungry after The Hurricane Michael
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I thought this was a copypasta @ first
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Well it's not. If you watched the music video God's Plan you will understand
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Honestly, I'm just waiting for Spike to reenact the Gru 4 panel plan meme at this point :)
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Another good meme recreation!
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Spike logic. :D
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Dank memes are made of these. :XD: :XD:
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Who am I, to, dis-agreee~
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Who online doesn't mind. "You need sing it in the same rhythm of song."
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Sound logic there Spike lol 
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memes are a constant source of art and beauty
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