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Do Ponies Use Toilets? (remake)

19-08-2015 - Update - replaced by a new version, drawn from scratch.
The new version has two extra panels - Trixie's line were previously only in the description, as an extra joke. Fluttershy's line was completely rewritten. Pinkie's and AJ's lines were enhanced. RD's and Rarity's - minor tweaks.
The new version has ponies with full bodies seen - the previous one had only heads made with help of stock vectors. Which was bad.
Since I liked this comic, I thought I should re-make it so it looks a bit better than the previous one. I just feel it's awkward to keep ugly stuff in gallery... So I might remake some other comics too in the future. As I did in the past.
If you missed Lauren's tweet, check it out here:… But we've seen an outhouse in The Last Roundup... And Rarity's suite in Sweet and Elite had a shower so it had to have a toilet I guess.
This comic is also an intended reference to (a parody of?) all those ask-a-pony tumblrs ;p

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. If you translate or repost this comic - do not post on DeviantArt. 25/02/2013 EQD comic post, old version. 20-8-2015 EQD comic post, new version.
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eta-gamma-14's avatar

Ponies. An odd species, aren't they?

Twilightlicious. The perfect excuse for any wrongdoing.

HeLIZacopter's avatar
If only AJ knew pony poop makes great fertilizer! I grew up around horses and Mom would collect their waste and use it for her garden.
IanTheHedgefox's avatar
Good thing Flutter uses them that way.
HeLIZacopter's avatar
Yup! Sure thing!
IanTheHedgefox's avatar
She did say that doing her business outside the cottage allows her to be closer to nature.
Deadpone's avatar
Still funny to this day! XD
rautamiekka's avatar
Twily, you little shit.
Drag020120's avatar
Twilight: I usually teleport "My business" somewhere else.... hehe...
Somewhere else:
Trixie: UGH! not again! -in a creepy voice but also slight yelling- I KNOW IT'S FROM YOU, TWILIGHT.
Mario-McFly's avatar
How exactly does Trixie know the "business" is from Twilight? When it appears, is the magical effect in Twilight's magic aura color?
IanTheHedgefox's avatar
Trix and Twi have been rivals for years, even before Twilight became the Princess of Friendship.
MrSpanyard's avatar
Maybe because of the smell? Ponies have better senses than humans, right?
Chiyawa's avatar
She just has a hunch, but she couldn't proof it, otherwise, Twilight would be in jail by now.
eliander's avatar
evil twilight is evil. still i can't say that Trixie didn't used to deserve that kinda treatment. 
Sanluris's avatar
Sometimes the toilets in my house have broken, or we don't have enough water, so....I wouldn't be too horribly out of place in Equestria! :XD:
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Embarrassing...but also very funny! :lmao:
SuperSmashLexi's avatar
Twilight is the most realistic of them all
TinaART2305's avatar
SO FUNNY!! poor trixie xDD
guophcvmxehi's avatar
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