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Do Ponies Use Toilets? (remake)

19-08-2015 - Update - replaced by a new version, drawn from scratch.
The new version has two extra panels - Trixie's line were previously only in the description, as an extra joke. Fluttershy's line was completely rewritten. Pinkie's and AJ's lines were enhanced. RD's and Rarity's - minor tweaks.
The new version has ponies with full bodies seen - the previous one had only heads made with help of stock vectors. Which was bad.
Since I liked this comic, I thought I should re-make it so it looks a bit better than the previous one. I just feel it's awkward to keep ugly stuff in gallery... So I might remake some other comics too in the future. As I did in the past.
If you missed Lauren's tweet, check it out here:… But we've seen an outhouse in The Last Roundup... And Rarity's suite in Sweet and Elite had a shower so it had to have a toilet I guess.
This comic is also an intended reference to (a parody of?) all those ask-a-pony tumblrs ;p

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. If you translate or repost this comic - do not post on DeviantArt. 25/02/2013 EQD comic post, old version. 20-8-2015 EQD comic post, new version.
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I remember The Last Roundup. It was the only time members of the Mane 6 used the bathroom. But it was never established whether AJ and Pinkie were going #1 and/or #2.

So yeah, the show's ponies do in fact use toilets. Their #2 is even more like that of humans than real pony #2, because their eating habits are similar to humans.