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Derpy Dearest

I've always thought that Derpy being Dinky's mother was a terrible and sad fan theory (e.g. because of "a single mother left by some colt" version of it). Not to mention that random background events and character placement pretty much contradict this.
Now that's my headcanon - Dinky is a filly obssessed with Derpy, due to their color similarity, but Derpy is not her mother (and has never been ofc). Makes as much sense as them being a family (btw, I saw some people actually take random things from the show and take it as 'proofs' of them being an intended in-universe family, heh).

In the background we can see 4 OC's.
:iconmegaphonnic:'s Face Ache is selling bubble gum, :iconsketchywolf-13:'s Sketchy is selling toys - this is a resocialization program they were forced into during their multiple life sentences served in Canterlot prison - they are magically bound to those stands and are supposed to do an honest work selling appropriate stuff. Any attempts to leave the stand will knock them out. And there is a Royal Guard off-screen. You can see how happy they are with their new roles ;P
Then we can see an OC of my Patreon supporter - :iconkoobikitsune:'s Rhythm a capella (Standing next to Zecora's stand) and :iconszafalesiaka:'s (my RL friend) ponysona who's been cut in half by the edge of the picture.

Thanks to Middy for his advice :>
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plot twist she's actually her niece cuz her brother or some cousin is the father PS I'm not being serious, this is just a joke

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I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t buy into the fan idea that Derpy and Dinky are related, since it’s not even canon and the show writers have stated that Carrot Top is Dinky’s mother, not Derpy. While I get its appeal to some fans, I never understood why so many bronies seem to want their headcanons to be actual canon when it isn’t. XD

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Yeah, I don't really get it, the only thing they have in common is they share a similar color scheme but so do many other characters. I think they may be related in some way but I don't think she's her mother
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I thought derpy as Dinky's guardian was a nice theory, but I feel sad it isnt true. . . so many cute fan stories. . .

Well derpy isn't the mother of dinky because they are not related, derpy is a Pegasus and dinky is an unicorn. Besides, derpy is a teenager so she not a adult. But, she does got a crush on dr. Hooves. However, dr. Hooves is not like "dr. Who" at all because they are both different.

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Personally I like the theory, but I'm not gonna knock you for not liking it, people can have different opinions. Its a nicely done picture and I admit the idea is kinda interesting.
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Haha I love this. I *never* understood why everyone somehow jumped to the conclusion that she's her child.

Thanks for making this

br4ndonm4rio's avatar

Hi I’m about two years late to explain so sorry in advanced Anyway, from what I recall, it was either due to similar coat and mane colours and/or scenes of the two together in the background

FluffyXai's avatar

oh no yeah I gathered that, but when I saw those things I thought they were sisters *shrug*


br4ndonm4rio's avatar

Sisters, friends, other form of family I dunno, I just like the wholesome idea of them being related

oh, i just remembered:
in the episode "the cart before the ponies" Derpy is riding a cart with a young pegasus with orange hair and a snowflake cutie-mark...but their relationship is never explained.
Yupasama's avatar
Dinky being the daughter of Derpy/Ditzy/Muffins adds an other kind of dynamics for fancanon in MLP. Nothing more.

it’s interesting.
MrTheAmazingDude's avatar
I always thought they were either Cousins or an Aunt and Niece.
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Well, considering the background of the Cart before the Ponies, maybe Dinky has a brother?
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A lot of people say Derpy is "best pony"......... Even though she has NO personality, never talked with ANY of mane 6 since season 1, doesn't really have an ACTUAL name (What is it Derpy? or Ditzy?), Isn't even that good at her job (I mean that one mail mare managed to deliver a letter to Discord by  traveling through a bizarre dimension, while Ditzy/Derpy couldn't even deliver a letter to a castle without crashing into a pile of books), and that whole "muffin" thing is believed just because the first word she said was "muffin", and finally if you look at her you'll relize she's just another pallot swap (Of Rainbow Dash to be precise), like a majority of the characters on the show. In the end Derpy is litterally just another useless background character and doesn't deserve all the love she gets, I mean sure Diamond Tiara and Prince Blueblood have UNLIKABLE personalities but at least they HAVE personalities
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You must be fun to hang out with. 
Also episode Slice of Life shows her and Doctor together, and actually gives them personality, which fan base came up. 
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Ah, finally I'm on this one again. :D
Well, well, well, there were many comics/pictures that had OCs in the foreground.
Finally one with usual characters again.
Yes, I still like it. :lmao:
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Even if the colour difference is only subtle between those two ponies, it somehow is inconvenient to look at to me. Also I never seen them as mother-daughter.
Gogofan's avatar
Has anyone told you your art style is very similar to Andy Price? I saw this picture randomly on google image and thought it was a canon frame from one of the comics XD
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Thanks =P And actually... yeah, I'm been getting such comments quite regularly.
It's nice :D but people exaggerate a lot - I'm not as good as they might think =P
Gogofan's avatar
Either we are all exaggerating or we are all right and you just can't see it. Your art is legit good, so good that it can pass for canon so be careful you don't get a  c&d from hasbro like that jan fellow who made those amazing My little pony animations. Hasbro seems to be ok with anything except when it's so good that it's either equal or better than the actual show. Then they get defensive and start shutting people down, hope that doesn't happen to you.

I like your are very much
rautamiekka's avatar
Dinky saying 'my mommy now' just proves she chose Derpy. And although I don't like Derpy I can't help feeling bad for her, having an unicorn filly obsessed with her.
Ignition191's avatar
i personally like the "derpy is dinkys mom" theory but im not gonna argue it here, but what i will say is that your way of arguing against it are poor at best! you say "random background events and character placement pretty much contradict this" but you give no examples you say "btw, I saw some people actually take random things from the show and take it as 'proofs' of them being an intended in-universe family, heh" but did'nt debunk them and really gave no actual thought out arguments, if i was a bigger fan of this headcannon this would give me a LOT of ammo to work with! something you generally don't wanna do when arguing a point!
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Because MLP fans who actually care about Derpy/Muffins's character will know when "Dinky" was shown with other adult ponies seemingly acting as her parents :P Or, as in the recent episode, Derpy was paired in a race with a completely different kid. See, it's a picture description not a place for tl;dr explanations. Anyway, I actually posted a status update some time ago with a screenshot. :shrug:
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