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Dancing Fleur

This picture is a commission for... my mother's friends who are dance instructors and who turned out to be MLP fans. I have no clue how this subject came up in a conversation between them :D (I've never met them after all). They specifically wanted 2 lightly colored ponies dancing (like bipeds would dance) in some ball room, so that's what it is (and that's why I chose Fleur and Fancy Pants - I changed his clothes color to blue to make it more "lightly colored". At first I thought of Cadance+Shining Armor but the pair I used in the picture has less wings :D). They wanted it in A2 poster size too (full res on my Patreon). I think it turned out better than I thought it would. And yes, I'm aware this kind of dancing pose doesn't make much sense for ponies but eh, let it go.

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Lovely scene. :)
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It's cute anyway! :thumbsup: :D

I always would have figured that ponies can't dance because they have two left feet, but... the show has already proven me wrong several times on that. :shrug:
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Celestia: I remember when me and Discord used to do that!

Luna: Yes! That was... pretty funny... *pppfffff*
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Tia - "At least it wasn't as bad when Troubleshoes Clyde and Derpy were dancing partners."
Luna - "The. . .destruction. . ."
karkovice1's avatar
:iconohlunaplz: :iconsays3plz: It took WEEKS for the maids to clean up the mess...

:iconcelestiawtfplz: :iconsays3plz: Fun times...
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Nice, surprised to hear Pony hit sorta close to home for ya.....on another note, Luna appears ready to either burst into tears for such a tender moment or bust out laughing, for some odd reason =p
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They are such a beautiful couple.
Paperstain545's avatar
Interesting story with this one.
EMositeCC's avatar
Gotta love Kibitz in the BG! *Gasp* You ARE Andy Price! *Panic Horse Noises*
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Oh, my... :iconteheplz:

Fancy Pants, you smooth stallion. ;)
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"It looks like you are enjoying the scene, Luna."
"Oh, sister! I can't put my eyes away from these two ponies dancing like... like... It's so beautiful."
"If you are interested, I know their dancing teacher that I could present you. I'm pretty sure she would be delighted to teach you how to dance."
"Really? Oh, sister! That would be fantastic! Present her to me at the first hour tomorrow morning. I'm ready to take any classes that would allow me to learn how to move my hooves with such grace and elegance."
"Um. Wouldn't have to sleep in the morning?"
"..... You think she has evening classes?"
"I'll discuss with her on the matter, first thing in the morning."
"Thank you so much, sister!Oh! I can't wait!"
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What's that music supposed to be? The notes add up to six beats. 6/4 time?
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All I can focus on is Celestia and Luna.  It looks like Celestia said something funny and  Luna is trying not to bust out laughing.
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Stallion of class.
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Very nicely done here, great work.
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