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art - me, story me and Middy
(Pony-Berserker is to be blamed for the horrible part of the comic, though)

Now maybe a few words on the idea.
So, here is a comic on somewhat controversial subject. Before you shout at me how stupid this idea is, let's check some facts. First of all, we have a Gelding Grotto on map of Equestria as seen in IDW comics. Now, MLP pony worlds is based on human world but ponies are still considered 'horses' not 'humans'. So, having that in mind, we know that horses in real life are gelded on a regular basis - it's a 'common procedure'. The beginning of this comic was, however, inspired by real life - in China, up to 20th century, parents sometimes castrated their own children and sent them to the Emperor's palace in hope that their kid would gain access to wealths and power (being an eunuch was actually a 'good' or at least possible way to gain wealth). See, real life writes the most unreal stories.
Now, some of you might argue how impossible it would be for Big Mac to be gelded, but again - let's check some facts. First of all, horses are gelded so they are suitable to work! Also, after gelding they are calmer and behave well. Sounds familiar? Now, Big Mac isn't exactly interested in mares, or relationships. Just like a gelding horse. Cheerilee and Big Mac laughed at the idea of them being in relationship... why? ;) And for Big Mac's voice - castration after puberty does not affect the voice (for humans - but since horses don't speak, we gotta go by this).
Will this subject return in my future comics? Maybe/ :P

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. 18 March 2016 EQD
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Imagine if it was humans that did this treatment!

Yes, I know there's circumsicion, but that's not the same thing.