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This comic is based on Episode 8 of Season 8 - "The Parent Map". Originally, I wanted Sunburst to be the desperate one but then I remembered that Starlight almost destroyed the world after Sunburst had left her during their foalhood :P
Thanks to Middy for suggestions.
Magello's Southern Comfort made an appearance among canon background ponies in panel 4 (she went to Sire's Hollow as a tourist)

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. OC's belong to their respective owners. 18 May 2018 EQD

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Sunset-Weasley-DrawsHobbyist Artist

I ship it. So hard.

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Starlight's face in the third panel really got me laughing. The series finally heavily supports they got together and had a kid.

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So in the end it's their parent's fault they aren't together? Starlight's dad makes her super agressive and Sunburst's mom's instance makes him not want to find a marefriend.
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You're not waiting? Maybe you, uh, maybe you should have a seat. 
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Although it cannot be denied that she is right, she is the only chance he has to not die alone.

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lol this is soo hilarious you should do more skits like this of other episodes if at all possible XD i'd love to hear your take on them of what they should or could have been stereotypical 
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SuperSaiyanDHobbyist Writer
Starlight is a thirsty hoe. XDDD
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huh, this made me think of several gags where Dr. Hooves WANTED to be Ginger when he regenerated...
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snigirrHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so accurate tbh
mbrsart's avatar
mbrsartHobbyist Writer
lol, this is exactly what I was thinking during the episode XD
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AuttumntheGuardianStudent Artist
Man your artstyle is crazy good. You got crazy talent
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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alditoqueridoHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's really hilarious!
EqDBot's avatar
Awesome ship <3 
Jatheus's avatar
:rofl: Hahahahahahaha!!!! That is so wrong! But absolutely hilarious! :thumbsup: 

I love the varied crowd reactions to the situation, and then the parent-punchlines at the end just make it... this is ridiculously awesome. :D
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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So what if he's ginger?
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the green haired and pink haired pony in the 3rd panel who do they look like
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Pony-BerserkerHobbyist Digital Artist
They are the background ponies who appeared in the episode. They worked at the bookstore.
cobeoe's avatar
i know but their style are they from some old movie like in princess spike mlp.wikia.com/wiki/File:Maneha…
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EMositeCCHobbyist Artist
XD forced shipping is best shipping.
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Oh god, I'm in tears from laughing.
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Hilarious in so many ways!!!!!! Especially with his mother suspecting that he is waiting to legally rob the cradle.

I know he was in the middle of saying something in that last speech bubble but I imagined this:

Sunburst: I'm not waiting...
His Mom: Not waiting for her to grow up?! That's horrible! I'm calling child protective services!
KAWAT3NGUSANStudent General Artist
Oh come on Sunburst, accept Starlight as your new marefriend, you knew each other since your fillyhood, it's a classic one, Ask her for a date and all the other things and at the end marry her.
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