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Bonne Nuit (zebra OC)

This is a monthly picture for Justin - one of my Patreon supporters. This time he asked for a simple picture of his zebra OC - Bonne Nuit. It's the first picture of this character - I was given the following description of his look: he is a Zebra. (...) similar build to Breaburn. As for mane something messy and kind of longish, like Soarin. Normal colors like Zecora, green eyes, same tail type as Zecora (the bound thin part at the base) I would like him pulling a cart full of potions and stuff. His "cutie-mark" or whatever Zebras call it is a potion bottle. It's quite reasonable his colors are like Zecora's - after all zebras should look pretty much the same.... I think. And if we go with African themes - then a zebra with talents for making potions fits into the shamanistic theme. So, just your regular zebra.
I decided to color it a bit differently than usual. not sure if it's better than regular cel-shading, though. I actually tried also some different stuff but decided to scrap extra details because they didn't turn out well. Perks of experimentation, eh? Thanks to Middy for patiently providing feedback...

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Bonne Nuit belongs to Justin Blum. 29-08-2015 EQD post
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Interesting, a male zebra with a female name.