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Better See Pinkie (comic series title card)



This is a title card or a "cover" for a short 5-page story I'm drawing now. Unlike my other never-ending stories, this one is short, condensed and will surely be finished (well, 2 pages are done at the time of posting this cover)
This cover art is a parody of "Better Call Saul" as seen here…
The story is written by Middy, art will be done by me.

And yes, this story will feature Pinkie Pie Barrister-at-law
And yes, "fancee" as it was used in the show :P

Prologue - Technically Primogeniture by Pony-Berserker Page 1 -   Better See Pinkie (part 1 of 5) by Pony-Berserker

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