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Basket Case

This comic is my alternate version of events unfolding in the "Triple Threat" episode of season 7. These were actually three separate ideas but I eventually decided to put them into one comic.

Thanks to Middy for suggestions.
This comic also features OC's - Longhaul and Southern Comfort (who belong to MrPOSSLQ and Magello - my Patreon supporters)

A little followup to first two panels  The Next Best Thing by Pony-Berserker

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. 15 Sep 2017 EQD comic post

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I had kinda wished that Thorax was overthrown by his brother and that he would then just be subservient to him.
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Thorax always seemed like he was way too weak of character to be a king.
Psycho333's avatar
I see what you did there
Deadpone's avatar
Listen to Ember, Thorax.
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The dialogue in this set is solid!
Jesper6's avatar
It made me feel really good when Thorax changed into a bear when he thought Ember was attacking Spike. He has a Fluttershy vibe to him that find endearing. Also with the proper guidance the hive could become an army of Hydras and level everything in their path.
Kyoshyu's avatar
...well he is spineless! In every way! :D
zfragger's avatar
Thorax (Surprisingly) You're right from now on I'll be more assertive.

starlight glimmer (welcome) plz I can't believe that the map sent us on a mission.
:icontrixiesmileplz Was there any doubt that we're the best that Equestria has to offer.
Thorax Icon Papers please.
:iconstarlightsnobbishplz: :icontrixiesmileplz Here you go.
Thorax Icon ...... Everything is in order. I just need you to wear this.
:icontrixiesmileplzThis is heavy what is it made of.
Thorax IconIt's a magic bomb.
:icontrixiesmileplzOh a bomb.
Icon-Trixie A bomb?
Thorax IconYes a bomb. By order of supreme Leader Thorax those who are considered rouge elements must wear this device at all times. If you break any of our laws the bomb will go off killing you in the most painful way possible.
Starlight Glimmer - Shocked Wow thats harsh.
Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz Is supreme leader Thorax in the market for a Queen?

Please continue this train of thought...


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Thorax Icon ... you really think that crayon box is straight? heheh, you ponies sure are fun
beariot's avatar
Thorax turns into Rarity.
Rarity falls in love with Thorax shaped as her herself.
Spike is kicked to the curb by both of them.
Jatheus's avatar
Poor Thorax! :rofl: :thumbsup:
Captain-Latrios's avatar
Any of these three ideas was better than the actual plot of the episode... though to be fair, I've seen that particular plot trope far to often to think of anything but it being dumb.
He still is one of the best new characters these later seasons, that I find.
Scyphi's avatar
Like panel three the most--it catches the personas of both characters so nicely, with Spike being so blunt and upfront, while Thorax totally misses the intended point. :P
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The rimshot, she be real =p
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OOOH! Twill's just pulling Thorax's leg so that she can think of ideas for her secret shipfic folder!
Setakarn's avatar
Ahahaha, i love the twilight one
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
It's, sort of true, but it's still WAY better then Fame and Misfortune, that was the WORST episode for me of Season 7 ever
Scyphi's avatar
Now you have me curious...if I may ask, what was it about Fame and Misfortune that you disliked so much?
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Other then the fact that the episode was more or less filled with more holes then swiss cheese by having the continuity from past episodes all jumbled around, everything about it is basically a great middle finger to the original aspect of the series itself. Along with a bad OC pony (if you couldn't already tell) with another generic song and dance number put into it that clearly shows, for once, it doesn't work at all. But whatever lesson they were trying to learn is just so minuscule and the consequences are bizarrely over the top level, it makes me wonder; How did word spread fast enough for ponies from Vanhoover spent ALL their money to come to Ponyville, JUST to get an autograph from Twilight and never bother reading it again? That's the stereotype of a generic fanboy and/or ma'am as well as how it promotes ripping pages out of important lessons just to read what Dash does and practically harass her while disregarding the danger of her job she's trying to do, canceling orders because apparently "no pony at all" believed Rarity has changed despite some of them actually witnessed that sort of deal from past episodes, AJ could've told the people "Only Cutie Marks with apples on their flanks and not paper and tape ones ARE Apple Family" so she can kick them out, but it seems her Honesty doesn't work here so she caved into their demands. 

And also, where the hell was Celestia and Luna in all this if word spread THAT fast and that far, yet they never heard of this nor even got a notice about Twilight publishing and selling their friendship lessons or the consequences of a riot breaking out in front of Twilight's castle? Like i said; there's too many holes here that it's probably become the worst episode of Season 7 so far
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