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Apple Is The New Orange

If the show writers had guts to tell us directly the Apple parents are dead, then that comic would never happen. It was mostly inspired by some comments I've read that claimed that we don't know where they are but they aren't necessarily dead - they might just be somewhere else. Yeah, seems legit, right? So, where could they be that no one even mentioned them until now... not even at the Family Reunion? Prison seems like the most obvious and logical choice. But there are even worse possibilities out there...
Many, many thanks to Middy for his help!

Not Today by Pony-Berserker - if you want to know what happened to Scootaloo's parents  And this comic  From Rara With Love by Pony-Berserker might tell you a bit more about Sweetie's parents.

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Well the Writers did say, that they wanted the Apple Family farm to be a Family Dynasty in the show when Writing Apple Jack's Family into the show.

Meaning, when one's parents pass away, their children (if not fellow siblings or Inlaws older than their children) inherit the Family Dynasty.

Which most likely implies both Parents have passed away.

But still, all the Jokes that they are Full time Wonderbolts flying over the Barn in Family Reunion, and stuff like this, really helps keep the topic light.

Because a show like MLP can't address Death in that sense, but the chance a Character could in a Story, helps us get invested because we care about them, and want them to make it.

That's just my thoughts, being a Writer myself.