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This scene is a reference to The Venture Bros.' The Perfect Man as seen here… I thought that scene would work well with Anon here so me and Middy arranged the script so it (kinda) works in context.
This comic is also based on a well-known MLP fan-comic series "Anon's Pie Adventure" by Pencils. That has really, really nice art. However, I'm not exactly a fan of Human-in-Equestria or Anon-in-Equestria (which is even worse). And why is Anon perfect? Not an average Joe or skinny nerd, or fedora neckbeard? The story in Anon's Pie Adventure went into bizzare, not exactly safe and comfortable, areas quite fast so I'm not exactly following it but I check it out once in a while because the art is really nice... but you should check it out on Pencils's marble-pie pencilsponyforge tumblr.

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro. Anon belongs to Pencils. Jan 7, 2017 EQD comic post

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still better than zephyr breeze
that poor man XD
ThatGuyOnTheInterweb's avatar
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is gold!
B1BattleDroid's avatar
That guy looks like the Engineer from Prometheus
LilllyEevee's avatar
i wounder how Lyra heartstrings would react  
Vrekandis's avatar
She'd throw a smokebomb and escape with Anon under the cover of noon in the biggest wagon in the county.
FlareEmerald77's avatar
I had no idea that it was you who created the Anon series
Pony-Berserker's avatar
But you know it *wasn't* me, right? xP
SoulfulMirror's avatar
Because it isn't him.
Twifight-Sparkill's avatar
Pretty sure this is canon.
SonicZondaMLP's avatar
Fedora neckbeard? Where has that guy been?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
you think of lovelyneckbeard? Well, he's disappeared quite a while ago... without a word, sadly.
SonicZondaMLP's avatar referencing him in your description was kind of cute. Wonder what he's been up to.
jaxonnobles's avatar
I'm subbed to both You, Pony-Berserker, and Pencils on Tumblr, so when I saw this comic come out I thought it was the next panel in APA. I was confused to say the least.
Anons pie adventure is one of he best comics i have read of human-in-equestria that dosnt involve flutterrape
MakutaZuul's avatar
Nie ma tego komiksy w wersji polskiej ?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Tego mojego tutaj - nie. A jeśli chodzi o serię Anon's Pie Adventure, do której komiks nawiązuje, to nie wiem =P
MakutaZuul's avatar
aha - poszukam :)
karkovice1's avatar
What's funny here is that the Venture Bro character Brock kinda looks like Brock Lesnar(the extreme fighter and pro wrestler), while I always thought Mr. Pie was a ponified Clint Eastwood. =P
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