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Age (In)appropriate (Part 8): Fifty First Naps

:bulletred: Part 1: Age Appropriate: Link
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:bulletblue: Part 3: Age (In)appropriate: Love Gone Wrong: Link
:bulletyellow: Part 4: Age (In)appropriate: Spike Vs. Caramel Link
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:bulletblack: Part 8: You are here!
:bulletblack: Part 9: Age (In)appropriate: Stay The Course Link

So, Luna found out that shipping isn't all what it cracked up to be.
Story for this page was written with help of Middy 
Art's mine, though.

If you translate or repost this comic, please do it outside of DA. Thanks! MLP belongs to Hasbro. 27-11-2015 EQD comic post
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Luna, again? Wait what

MARoy's avatar
and thus luna starts construction on the castle of the night
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I dieded...again...GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
SeiberSaiban's avatar
Oh Ralph, we all wish we could say we've slept with a princess.
KitKat2345's avatar
CMVreud's avatar
Tststs, oblivating people (yes, horsies are people too) and not replacing the memory with something is just sloppy work.
ElenaFlames's avatar
foldabotZ's avatar
When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Shining Armor... Ooookay.
keelan12345's avatar
Well, he still looks like her brother so it is still weird.
rautamiekka's avatar
He looks so much like Shining Armor, but dimensions-wise he's way smaller (checked the other stallions in the comic, some of them are quite small too) and has a moustache.
foldabotZ's avatar
Didn't notice the mustache in the thumbnail.
rautamiekka's avatar
Nobody has that good vision.
bluebunny84ppg's avatar
Even the posters change.
WHATisYOURobsession's avatar
That she's been zonking the two of them out with her magic and sticking them in the same bed as an excuse.
DrachenMaus's avatar
That she doesn't know.
Chiyawa's avatar
So, Twilight knew all along. Luna has lots of explaining to do.
ParamaguruMaster's avatar
what wrong with drooling on your pillow? my god does it
Awww you have a pet god.
Drow3323's avatar
How do you properly care for a pet god?
ParamaguruMaster's avatar
first you have to feed it 2 bibles a day.
and give it fresh holy water
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
I want to give you a medal.
Here, have an internet: :iconfreeinternetplz:
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This conversation is comedy gold.
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