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Age (In)appropriate (Part 6): A Faustian Bargain



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Do you remember this series? Well, it's been over a year since the previous part (almost 13 months to be exact) and almost two years since I released part 1... But other things to draw were popping up in the meantime, and this was being constantly postponed... Finally, I decided recently to postpone everything else and draw this, because it was getting silly long time ago. Originally, this part (i.e. this submission) was going to be longer, but I abandoned this idea at some point and divided it into two pages. I always try to have at least one scene in a page/submission, and the "cliffhanger" also works as a punchline here.
Nevertheless, I hope the 'noir' panels look good enough... First time I tried something like that. As for the story itself - I hope you enjoyed this page. 

Great thanks to Middy for his advice (and moral support).

Also - the title is a pun without a pun. Get it?

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*soon is a relative term

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Luna is adorable.