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Age (In)appropriate (Part 5): The Love Trap

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:bulletred: Part 7 Age (In)appropriate (Part 7): The Matchmaker
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Well, I think that Feb 14 is an appropriate day to upload this part. This time, the plan didn't exactly go the way Spike wanted.
It took way longer to finish than I wanted/expected, because I had problems with the layout. (I started ca. 6 weeks ago. I had breaks caused by low motivation, and laziness :P) This part was supposed to be much, much longer, but I decided to divide it into three parts. This is the first one, consisting of 2 standard comic pages. Well, I hope you enjoy the story, even if you hate Spike =P

Thanks to VoidChicken and doubleWbrothers for their suggestions!

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The LOO-na room???
that sign in the last panel reminds me of a gag in a book, "Phule's company",where a lizard-like alien urinated in a fancy vase...but to be fair, he was drunk at the time.
Ganondox's avatar
Aww, poor Sweetie Belle. 
spamer921's avatar
poor sweetie, caramel just fell head first into a bear trap and you say poor swetie?????
Ganondox's avatar
Caramel deserved it. 
spamer921's avatar
caramel is the victim here, Spike torture him and then through him out a cliff, and you think he deserve that just because he had a crush on rarity
Ganondox's avatar
He deserves it for being named Caramel. 
spamer921's avatar
wtf how being named caramel is a crime worth of a a death like that
Ganondox's avatar
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Lol the sign on luna's door
Poor Caramel. I want him to get revenge on Spike. It's not fair that Spike does something horrible to him,kidnapping him and throwing him off a cliff, and then when he tries to get revenge, he just fails and ends up worse off and (probably) dies, and Spike gets off scot-free (I hate when people do bad things to others and get away with it). I want Caramel to get horrible, brutal, bloody, torturous revenge on Spike. I want Spike to die horribly. He deserves to die.
DaLoverBoi's avatar
That's just a normal cliche ending, Like you literally just commented the reason why Death Note had a shitty ending.
Wait, how is this the same as Death Note? And how is this cliched? Don't the majority of instances of characters doing bad things have them get a comeuppance?
DaLoverBoi's avatar

It's clichéd because it's the same "Good Always Wins" or simply "GAW" BS, It's predictable AF because it's clichéd AF. Like we had a what if of -


- Ayano from Yandere-Simulator as a pony,

- a pedo pony who was just mere movements away from becoming a prison bitch,

- Jack Torrance from The Shining as a pony,

- a voodoo using nympho-princess,

- Unwanted pony sex.

- Mindfuck through a VG

The cute "GAW" ending would look weird, Atleast a dark or "Karma Houdini" would match the story

It's like DN because of the "GAW" ending, Like If this ( would've been the ending of DN, then I wouldn't have felt like I wasted my life watching DN
Well, this is my opinion. This a personal problem with me, I admit, but I just loathe seeing people do bad things and getting away with it or knowing they will face no consequences, so that's how I am with stories. And maybe I'm "oversensitive", but I always empathize with the character getting hurt and want them to get even, and it just becomes painful when they never get that. It's not funny (to me); it's depressing.

I hate stories with a problem trope called "protagonist centered morality", where the protagonist can do bad things, and they always win because the writer's on their side, and the character(s) against the main character get fucked over regardless of if they're in the right and the main character is in the wrong. They committed the sin of being against the writer's pet. They must lose. It reminds me of how when Simpsons went to shit and Homer became "jerkass Homer", he became the guy who just couldn't lose no matter what he did to people, and episodes started to gravitate around his invincibility.

It's like watching Meg in Family Guy, where she gets abused by everyone over and over again, and you just wanna see her beat the shit outta them, and it gets so frustrating because each time they do it, she just sits there and takes it, and you know that that instance will never be brought up again, will never be gotten justice for. They're going to get away with it scot-free, and you just have to sit with that. Forever.

That's why I prefer my characters suffering to not be ones with names and for it to not happen to the same person too many times. If either of those conditions are met, I put myself in their shoes and instantly hate what's happening and the character doing it and lose a lot of enjoyment for the product.
DaLoverBoi's avatar
To each their own I guess, But yeah I understand what you're saying.
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Ignore Lunchymunchies, he's MRA trash. 
DevilAntRat's avatar
I'm sure everything is going to turn out fine for Caramel and Thunderlane
Lapzidorus's avatar
So...who is that stuck inside the other bear trap?
Also, the picture frame set above Caramel Johnny before the accident is perfect!
Ravehh's avatar
Scootaloo has a box with NSFW stuff.
mizuxon's avatar
m y   v a s e s   a r e   n o t   u r i n a l s
KitKat2345's avatar
blah1200's avatar
ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LMFAO that sign about the toilets XDDDD
ACEnBEAKY's avatar
Damn, Spike! I thought you had some better morals than this! 
But then again, I did see you reading that book with the Symbol of Bohemian Grove on it....
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