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Age (In)appropriate (Part 4): Spike Vs. Caramel

UPDATE: I wanted to make an indirect reference to the Shining... but NO. It must be a direct quote. Fine! Here's Johnny now. I hope those who whined are happy now :P (plus Tea Love is now hissing. I forgot to add that speech bubble for some reason ^^;
:bulletred: Part 1: Age Appropriate: link
:bulletgreen: Part 2: Age (In)appropriate: Link
:bulletblue: Part 3: Age (In)appropriate: Love Gone Wrong: link
:bulletyellow: Part 4: You are here!
:bulletorange: Part 5: Age (In)appropriate: The Love Trap Link
:bulletpurple: Part 6: Age (In)appropriate (Part 6): A Faustian Bargain 
:bulletblack: Links to further parts in descriptions of next pages

Things escalate quickly. And might get out of hand, even if everything is seemingly under control.
Well, I tried to make the layout of this comic look a bit more interesting. I hope I achieved what I wanted.
Special thanks to labba94 for his feedback on the pictures, and to VoidChicken, doubleWbrothers and alamais for pre-reading and putting up with me. You guys are awesome.
Inked and colored in Artrage. Lettered in Inkscape. MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
If you translate or repost this comic, please link back here. You can't post it on DeviantArt. | 25/09/13 EQD post | Russian translation
This was my entry for a contest organized by My-Little-Comics group, and I won the contest ^^
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I see where this is going. Spike is gonna keep trying to have Rarity, but every moment he'll continue bonding closer and closer to Sweetie Belle. That's adorable.
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DrCool13's avatar
That last panel with Caramel reminds me of Shadow of War so much. I can just imagine his name popping up at the bottom with the words "Cheated Death" under it.
Haha spike is an idiot and the police was dumb...and who the heck is Johnny?!?!
DaLoverBoi's avatar
"Here's Johnny" is a The Shining reference 
My brothers name is Johnny duhhhh
Starbat's avatar
I love how Spike is such an asshole in this series.  XD
UntalentedGay's avatar
Wtf Spike's a literall yandere lmao
joshbr03's avatar
ya aint wrong bucko 
TheGlows's avatar
That's funny, and so is Spike
Totallyahooman's avatar
For a second I thought that bush had a mustache at the end...
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
I love how Sweetie is the butt of all the "age (in)appropriate" background jokes here, even in Twi's house
Princesselle5643's avatar
The ending gave me the chills and I like ur comic!
blah1200's avatar
whoa Spike there was no need to attempt murder here O_O
TheDragonoyd1847's avatar
I was kinda hoping that Spike would make Caramel go through a sex change surgery against his will. But, yaeh, that works too, i guess.
GallantServer's avatar
LOL that ending was the best!
gamerboy903's avatar
Who is the cop, again? Is he an OC, or an alternate take on Night Watch?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Well, it's an OC... a generic police pony. 
rautamiekka's avatar
Twilight's gonna burn Spike on a bonfire after everything he's done.
Kubrick1968's avatar
JT5000's avatar
LOOL!! eso fue asombroso!!
LOOL!! Awesome!!
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