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A Failed Demon-stration

How To Train Your Demon: Warcraft is Magic by Pony-Berserker - my previous WoW-related comic.

This is my second (and hopefully last) comic related to fantasy MMORPG's, mainly WoW. This time, Twilight decided to summon a doomguard for a not exactly clear reason.
I'm very well aware that Doomguard from the comic as well as spells/colors/suits are not 100% consistent with WoW. This is just a loosely connected parody.
Newer WoW players might not know that long time ago summoning a doomguard actually required sacrificing a player.
Bonus points if you recognize which bosses were quoted in this comic (without searching through google or wowpedia's and similar sites)

This comic contains cameos of OC's who belong to my Patreon supporters:
Magello's Southern Comfort (orange pegasus)
MrPOSSLQ's Longhaul (gray earth pony)
Justin Blum's Rhythm a Capella (yellow earth pony with red mane).

You can join them on Patreon and support me here.

Special thanks to Middy for all his useful advice :)

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro | If you repost or translate, credit me and link back here. Do not (re)post it on DeviantArt! | 2 Dec 2014 - EQD post.
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