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This journal is dedicated to all people who more-or-less follow/care about my OC, Berzie. If you don't care - then no need to read. It's just some backstory info and extra info re. the character. And just to make things sure, the "Canon" in the title DOES NOT refer to the MLP show canon ;p 

I decided it was high time to divide his adventures into "Hive-canon" and "non-canon" - the name of "non-canon" refers to Rick and Morty's non-canon adventures. Basically it makes no sense to have a character who both lives in a changeling hive and also draws comics in Manehattan while is also aware of being in a comic. On some occasions he was used as an "author's voice" or simply "me", other times he was just a character with no links to "me". So obviously everything with Berzie is fanon but some of his appearances are canon to the fanon... and some are non-canon to the fanon. Simple, am I right?

Let me sum up the exact backstory of this character. Berzie was created accidentally. It all started with this picture 
Tubling by Pony-Berserker
that I drew for adamlhumphreys' contest. It was supposed to be just a random changeling in a hat. But some people suggested he should have a name etc... so he became my OC... or ponysona... or changelingsona. I never really had one and my other OC - Tom the Giant Fiddler Crab doesn't really count as real MLP OC ;p
As he was supposed to be a changelingsona, I gave him a name based on my fan-artist's nickname - a diminutive form of Berserker - Berzie. A perfect name for a fierce and bloodthirsty changeling too.

I used him as a way to represent myself in artwork I created for my first pony con I attended - Czequestria 2015
This Is Life For Some Reason by Pony-Berserker Talk Nerdy To Me by Pony-Berserker

Later I would make occasional comics showing behind-the-scenes of making comics, including OC's of my Patreon supporters. They were less detailed and faster to make.
Down In A Blaze Of Glory by Pony-Berserker  Not Safe For Life by Pony-Berserker
But at the same time I would create comics revolving around his regular changeling life in the hive
A Short Comic About Changelings by Pony-Berserker So as you can see, I didn't think too much about it.

At one point I had to change the color of his hat because some other guy had had a changeling-in-an-orange-hat (not a hard hat tho) and some people obnoxiously mixed them up calling him the wrong name in my comments so I just retconned his hat to move on and not be annoyed about it.
There was something more behind choosing a changeling for an OC - changelings' obvious superiority - they could be like alicorns (wings+horns) but they could get away with that... and also they could be anything at any time.
My OC Is Better Than Your OC! by Pony-Berserker
Contrary to popular expectation at the time, I decided to turn my OC into a skittle bug version... because of the rule of funny. Also, let's be honest - nobody expected that... People were very vocal how he is supposed to stay black due to some comics where he was shown as truly and unapologetically evil.
Side Effects May Include... by Pony-Berserker - this comic theoretically shouldn't be considered "canon" but I think I'm gonna do a "hand wave" and that's gonna be official "canon" explanation why he turned into a colorful version. No retcons. Just as it has been all this time. After all, who said he couldn't hang out with some depressed ponies before his change ;U

And then... I somehow got an idea to focus more on changeling comics that also featured koobikitsune's OC - Dopple whose skittle design was created by me. And that's when Berzie and Dopple became regulars in my comic repertoire Too Soon by Pony-Berserker  Fantastic Changeling Special (Part 1 of 2) by Pony-Berserker now also with dSana's Stainless Key.

However, behind-the-scenes comics with Berzie still appeared but with lower frequency  Sins of the Many by Pony-Berserker

Ideally I would have two separate characters - one for "author's mouth" and another as a changeling in the Hive but... things kept happening without overthinking it. But it turned out many people really enjoy changeling shenanigans so I could as well adapt to this =P 

However, this means Berzie is no longer my ponysona when he lives in the Hive, despite the fact he is a loser like me. But now he has a girlfriend and that takes him too far from my life ;U
On the other hand, I'm still going to use him in any meta or behind-the-scenes comics I decide to create as my mouth because nobody can stop me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And then we have Berzie's syndicated adventures, i.e. comics or pictures created by other artists as gifts or art trades or commissions or anything that happened over time. The status of those is clear and easy. They are canon until they are not At least those that revolve around the Hive life. Any meta comics are obviously non-canon.

Dethroned: Hidden Changeling, Creeping Hug by dSana Emergency by saturdaymorningproj - canon,  Too Much by EMositeCC Open a Can of OCs by Chopsticks-Pony- not canon (because it's meta),  The Greater Flame #18: Enter the Bughorse Wife by Caustizer - canon enough, 

Mature Content

Pony Pinata by xXAngeLuciferXx
 - well, Berzie isn't anthro but I'm OK with that comic ;P

The status of Caustizer's story is... questionable as it uses in-universe ideas that don't fit MLP canon at all, like  additional princesses or fantastic races and creatures... But Berzie doesn't quite interact with most of these so I can very well go with it. And it adds to his relationship with Stainless Key, so it's canon until it's not ;P While most of the time I know what's gonna happen re. Berzie in advance, I generally have a policy of no meddling with the story as it's not really my comic and I don't wanna spoil Caustizer's enjoyment. And I'm cool with most of the stuff ;P

The whole issue is a bit philosophical. What really constitutes a fictional character of that sort?  Well, I think I wrote down my stance clearly and if someone agrees or not, well, that's another thing =P

Here are 2 separate folders with my Berzie art.… - with "canon" adventures… - and non-canon ones

And here's a folder with Berzie drawn by others…

Possible Questions

Q. So does that mean the "non-canon" adventures have no meaning?
A. No. They are meaningful because his personality carries over but when he's seen in the Hive or when he is a regular changeling, he doesn't have any comic-making backstory and he doesn't live in Manehattan. And he isn't aware of being in a comic when he is a regular changeling. He becomes a comic creator only when in meta-comics. The difference between those is rather straightforward and easy to notice.

Q. So Berzie can't draw?
A. He can, as seen in one of the comics where he was in the hive showing his Master Plan

Q. Why does it matter?
A. To me it does. And a few people actually pointed out it's weird how he is both in Manehattan and the Hive and I totally agreed with that. So I eventually decided to fix it.

Q. But what if someone thinks all of the comics should be canon?
A. OK, if you can make it work in your mind, go for it.

Q. You're stupid, I wasted so much time reading this dumb journal.
A. Eggplant

And a usual Sub-me plug in
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Or just buy me a Ko-Fi, please :U
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Thorax or Pharynx - who do you side with? 

531 deviants said :iconthoraxplz: Thorax
446 deviants said Pharynx Stamp by RossmaniteAnzu Pharynx


Hey, Berzie fans, if any are still around. Caustizer uploaded another part of his comic where Berzie has a part in its B-story, and this page heavily features Berzie and dSana's Stainless Key so check it out - click the thumb below (one panel is very suggestive so view at your own discretion - the panel does not involve Berzie or S. Key, tho)
The Greater Flame #23: Two Bugs, a Bat, and a Birb by Caustizer

From other Berzie-related news. emikol, who drew a Berzie pic a while ago, visited Warsaw for a pony meet and at the same time she gave me the physical version of the picture! Thanks a lot again! The meeting was on a short notice but luckily I could make it ^^ 
Berzie by Emikol by Pony-Berserker
You can see the DA version here:
Berzie - commission by emikol
Meanwhile the Great and Powerful dSana made another comic that is a) with Berzie and b) actually my comic script I gave her. So, click the thumb below and enjoy our little collab.
[Patreon] Don't Let The Dopple Bite by dSana  Also feat. koobikitsune's Dopple
A shoutout to Kyoshyu who threw a year of CORE my way ensuring that my polls will keep coming through the next MLP season :3
In the meantime, Caustizer and Bonaxor continue having fun with my OC in their story, where my OC is part of their B-story. Another page with him can be found here, for those who are interested. And for the sake of clarity, I'm not writing that story, so complaints, if any, go to them ;P
The Greater Flame #21: Teacher of the Month by Caustizer  
Berzie seems to be winning despite being a loser. How does that work??? 
Meanwhile, I got a Christmas gift art from AquaGalaxy!
2018 holiday sketches by AquaGalaxy  3rd panel has Berzie in its skittle glory.

On a semi-related note - my next comic will answer the question some of you wanted to know... how Berzie and Stainless Key started dating... Stay tuned for Thursday ;P
On a related note, looks like there are no single adult ladies in Warsaw among my fans. Nobody wants P-B /cry


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