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Hellspawn custom

Custom for =ApriIIynne, i hope you like him
Please dont use him for breedables and tell me if you want to trade or resell him
im going to bed now

Hellspawns- ~Ad-opt and Me
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How much are Hellspawn customs?
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2500-3000:points: only because its a hybrid species but i accept payment plans cause i know paying that much at once is very overwhelming
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Alrighty well if I did a payment plan how much would you need right off the bat?
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As much as you'd like to pay/can pay
As long as we can work out how much would be ok to pay to pay the full amount
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I could probably pay 800 right now? 
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Sounds like a plan, fill out this custom form and note me, pay after i finish because im a bit hectic right now in my mental state
Color scheme:
Do you want flowers growing from the plant pony:
If YES what kind of flower:
Extras: (clothes and stuff)
Eye Color:
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Sent the note! and I hope things get less hectic for you c:
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//Endless squealing of want
He's so beautiful Ponns, loving that expression Q w Q

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-flails- Sooo Much Want~♥
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I adore him, thanks so much.
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O M G Ponns

his colors
that tail
those shaggy feets

:iconinloveplz: with your stuff
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he's a beauty <33
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