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Didn't think it had to come to this, but looks like it smh
I'll be adding people on here who have either broken my rules and are banned from buying/trading/receiving any designs I make, or people who need to be put on here to warn other's due to doing such things as scamming others. 

PLEASE DO NOT HARASS THESE PEOPLE! This journal is only meant to be a warning. 

:bulletblack: peonys / cometfurs / avenoires / pupbloom / pupbatter / Pillygal / cosmicfur / tsuroe / roetsu / i-like-to-eat-shit / sIimey / cometfurs / creowl / sleds / deerIings / P-e-t-a-l / Sticklo
-Animal abuser and commission scammer. I do not feel comfortable with them owning my designs or doing business with them in any way.
Artists beware gatorcat

:bulletblack: HaniWitchPuff / HaniPuff / @Charlies-Witchery
-Well known scammer/charge backer. Threatened a watcher/customer that they would ddos them over a design.…

:bulletblack: CANIINES (On here for scamming)
-Traded the same design bought from me to two different people. Insists they were "hacked" and then immediately deactivated. (Design ownership has been resolved)
@455h013 is a suspected to be the same person. They have contacted the current owner of the design to try and trade.
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I thought once someone has bought something it's theirs to do as they please with? Ofc scamming is wrong but I don't understand how instantly reselling something is bad?
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They are of course free to trade and resell (for the same price they bought) at their leisure, but to do it within a few hours of buying an adopt is often a bit suspicious, so it's just something to be wary of!
This is not necessarily true for everyone, of course, but in this case it was a red flag and led to a scam.