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Astroflares: Lore/General Info

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Okay, this is more or less done, but there might be small edits here and there in the future! Mainly me adding in names for the Gods, because I am the absolute worst when it comes to names haha


    Long ago, when the universe started off as a dark and desolate place, a sudden bright light exploded through the darkness, brightening and expanding the Universe to its full potential, by creating energy and new life. This is known to the Astroflares as The Beginning.

    Amongst the new wave of energy that flowed through the cosmos, there were two, very powerful beings that had emerged from it. They were the Goddess of Creation and the God of Destruction. Both held enormous amounts of energy, and were said to be the size of planets. The Goddess of Creation was a peaceful and calm being, while the opposite could be said for the God of Destruction, who often left a trail of chaos in his path. Still, one could not exist without the other.

    The first beings that were made by the Goddess of Creation, were six, smaller gods.  They had big shoes to fill from the moment they were born. The God of Sun and the Goddess of Moon were made so that a planet could enjoy both day and night. The Gods of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter were made, so that a planet could enjoy different seasons. From the extra energy she possessed, she began to create smaller beings, Astroflares, which possessed the same energy as she had flowing through her body. The energy of life.

    Before she could create anything else though, the God of Chaos grew jealous of her powers, and sought to take away everything she had made. With a strong will to protect her new creations, the Gods began to battle each other. With every hit they took, a pulse of energy rang through the Universe, causing more and more galaxies to form, as well as black holes. Fearing the destruction of their new universe, the Goddess of Creation dragged the God of Destruction, as well as herself, into a massive black hole. It is said that both Gods are trapped in the black hole, fighting against each other for eternity, until one of them wins and breaks free.

    With the two Gods gone, the Astroflares were momentarily lost. It wasn't until the remaining Gods decided to take it upon themselves to make sure that their creator's work would live on and flourish into what she hoped it to be one day, and so they got to work. These 6 gods found one of the earliest planets that had been made. It was really just a huge chunk floating around space at the time, until they created a small solar system for it. This planet is now called Planet Oasis. Once Astroflares started living on the planet, the lifeless hunk of rock quickly turned into a flourishing planet filled with life. Astroflares began to make communities, learned from each other, and their society expanded greatly. They’ve formed their own cultures, own cities and towns, and their way of life.

The Gods

The God of Creation: Symbolizes life and peace. It is believed that they were the entity that had created the big bang, or "The Beginning", as it's called in their world. She has the power to create anything and is believed to be the cause of all that is good in the world. It is also believed that this God is the reason for an Astroflare’s source of power/magic, as its said that all Astroflares are made from a portion of the Goddess.

The God of Destruction: Symbolizes death and chaos. They have the power to take away everything and anything. They are the reason for black holes in the universe. They are often times antagonized; some believing them to be the bad that resides in some Astroflares (a superstition saying that when one does a bad deed, they are channeling the God of Destruction’s will), but some believe them to be necessary in the circle of life. They are what symbolize the end of one’s journey, as everything must come to an end.

The God of Sun: Created the sun/star that Planet Oasis revolves around. They are also often referred to as the God of Day. He keeps the planet’s orbit around the sun in control and regulates the sun, so it doesn’t ever go out or overheat. Currently resides on a very small “planet” that orbits closest to the sun.

The Goddess of Moon: Created the two moons that orbit planet Oasis. She is also referred to as the Goddess of Night. She regulates the moon’s orbit around the planet, and resides on the bigger of the two moon's.

The Gods of Seasons: These Gods reside on a singular area of the planet. They regulate the planet’s seasons, but unlike most planets, that have different seasons all around the planet, the God’s maintain one season throughout the whole planet at one time. They switch off every 3 months or so.
They are the Goddess of Spring, the God of Summer, the God of Fall, and the Goddess of Winter.

General Knowledge

    Astroflares tend to live for long periods of times, and often die when all their expendable energy has been used up. Through their lifetimes, parts of the energy they consume is stored away in their bodies, which they can't access, as it is what makes up their physical form. When they die, their body can be the birthplace of a new star, solar system, or even an entire galaxy, depending on how long they've lived. It's rumored that some of them have been alive since The Beginning (The Big Bang) which is also believed to have created these beings.

    The main source of food for these cute, little critters, are often stars and space energy. They can create and consume stars at their will and will often times feed off a dying star and use that energy to make a new one in its place. This is often a long process, as stars are very large and can be a lasting food source for many millenniums, as well as take up a lot of an Astroflare's energy. While stars are the quickest way to keeping them full, anything that contains energy will do it for them.

    Their main ways of travel, and preferred ones, are the use of worm holes. Once they've consumed enough energy, they have the ability to create a worm hole into another galaxy, where they'll often be transported randomly to their next destination, unless the Astroflare purposefully chooses their destination. They do this every so often when they run out of food in the area.

    Astroflares, while generally friendly, often travel space alone. Since they have no need for a mate, they don't actively seek out others of their own kind in their travels. Their deaths are similar to that of a Phoenix; their death results in one or more Astroflares, as their bodies essentially explode into energy dust to form new life. While they do often times travel along, when approached by another Astroflare, the two will stay together for long periods of time until it is time for them to part ways.

    Astroflares are often considered to be Gods In many different cultures in all galaxies. These critters will, from time to time, land onto foreign planets, whether in search of adventure or simply because they'd been sucked into the planet's gravitational pull. When on a planet, Astroflares often supply the sometimes barren lands with life. They're often the reason why some planets have flourished marvelously through the thousands and thousands of years of their existence. They also help clean planets of any toxins and help to make it a more livable place for any organisms that inhabit the place.

    Most of the time, they appear to look like comets flying through the atmosphere, as they drop and create large craters into the surface of the planet they fall down upon. This is why intellectual inhabitants often mistake these guys to be some sort of God-like presence upon their arrival. Astroflares tend to stay long periods of times on planets they become fond of, but it can be dangerous for them, as if they stay too long, they won't have enough energy to leave through the atmosphere and back into space. If that happens, they often die on the planet and their energy spreads through the entire planet, keeping it alive and healthy for a longer time than the planet might have had.
    When they're first born, they're very tiny and take some time to get adjusted to their new surroundings. They will often times stay put, as they can't move immediately, and are most often forced to orbit whatever planet or solar system has a gravitational pull on them. After they've sustained enough nourishment from soaking in a star's energy, they learn to travel around by propelling themselves through said energy. This is why when they travel through space, they leave a trail of space dust behind them, much like a comet. On their travels, all sorts of space star particles, comets, rings, asteroids, etc. tend to stick to their bodies from places they've visited, while it be consciously or not.

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