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March 4th


EDIT 3.3 : One more patch, testers! I had to fix a few bugs and add a few more props, now I need to know that everything works. Release will be on schedule unless I get hit by a car tomorrow or something.

EDIT 1.3 : Last patch, includes some fixes, two new flexes and a bunch of new props. I think there's 47 props now, I'm probably not going to add any more. Tomorrow I'll be going the whole day, so only Sunday left for fixes or additions if there's need for any. So yeah, release at Monday

EDIT 24.2 : New patch, includes Cheerilee and Carrot Top, Wonderbolt cadet badges, some fixes and a bunch of props. Not long for the release, hang in there people.

EDIT 17.2 : New patch is up, testers! Includes the changes below plus alicorn Twilight. Now I'll continue working on Cheerilee...
EDITEDIT: Whoops, screwed up, forgot a few files. The IK-script, and phoneme and viseme -tables are now included for SFM testers.

EDIT 14.2 : Lightning Dust finished, Derpy got goggles (no idea how I missed those) and some texture fixes and optimizations to other models. Only Cheerilee, the accessories as props and the bonuses to go.

And a small note for testers: I've been getting alarmingly low amount of reports lately and that can mean a few things; You're either busy, lazy, dead or everything is going excellent. Right now I have no idea which one it is. So, if you're busy with school, being lazy, or something like that, please tell me so I don't expect anything from you. If everything is OK and there are no bugs to report, please tell me that too. If you're dead, get someone else to tell me. In any case, I need to know what's happening and testing must continue, even though the models are starting to be pretty refined and bug free. If you give me a green light to release a buggy model only because you haven't been doing anything, heads are going to roll.

New patch coming this weekend, stay sharp.

EDIT 9.2 : Looks like the estimate is not going to hold, been lacking motivation lately. At least got Spitfire's tail done, jigglebones fixed, added Wonderbolt cadet outfits for RD and Cloudchaser, plus a few texture fixes. Still got some characters to make and it won't be just those two characters listed there. I just need to catch my breath for a while.

I know the last thing you want to hear at this point is a delay, but trust me, I'm not happy about this either. The pack will be released when it's done and no, I won't release parts of the pack separately. Don't even ask for it.

Sorry about this...

EDIT 4.2 : Hit a bit of a bump on the road, check the list to see how severe. No panic though.

EDIT 3.2 : Looks like the IK-rig does work, but it's far from perfect and takes some getting used to. It'll be included in the pack but a better one is still preferred/required.
Some videos for your pleasure:
Lipsyncing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR59bJ…
Walking: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJi_HN…

EDIT 2.2 : New patch for testers, featuring plenty of fixes for jigglebones and textures, jaw_closer -flex to aid in lipsync (plus it looks funny) and several new characters. Only two characters left to make and Spitfire's tail to fix, we'll see if a week is enough for that. In the mean time, test test TEST TEST TEST!

EDIT 30.1 : Jigglebones, textures, plenty of rigging and what not, finished six characters. Only need to convert two characters, create two new ones, fix a few things and this should be done.
In other news, the IK script was a failure, pretty much all limbs acted weird and it was actually more harm than use. Since all values were automatically generated, there's not much I can do about it (except rigging all meshes from scratch to a completely new skeleton, but I think I'll pass). So yeah, no IK rig with this release :(

EDIT 27.1 : All flexes are done, some jigglebone and texture updates, and some fixes to the normal meshes. Testers, now I really need those bug reports, A LOT OF THEM, so I hope you don't have too full schedules for the next two weeks...

EDIT 20.1 : Fluttershy's flexes are done, Rarity and others received some new flexes and fixes, Spitfire was converted and all ponies received new mouth flexes. Only 18 flexes to go for normal eyes plus some tweaks.
A small preview from Yuki: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAk0Jg…
And a related announcement: I've been invited to join Equestria Softworks -team as a modeler and I didn't see any reason to not accept it. So, once the pony overhaul is done and safely released, I'll start creating models for Fallout: Equestria, and while it means I'd be less active in modeling for Gmod and SFM, it doesn't mean I'd quit them completely. Besides, who knows, I might be able to snag some WIP shots or a model or two while I'm at it ;) with their permission of course (No promises in that regard)
In any case, testers, new patch is up in a few minutes.

EDIT 12.1 : A small preview for your pleasure by Yukitoshii: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG8myD… EDIT: And it got EQD'd :D

"What's this about?"

Now, since people ask me regularly about the pony overhaul, I figured I'd make some sort of compilation post about the pack, maybe share some info about the overall progress and update it when I get something new done. This way people don't have to try to gather some data fragments from here and there, and I might receive less questions that have been answered before.

First off, the pack is going to be huge and won't be released as a single package. It will cover the mane 6 and the most popular female AND male background characters (yes, the males will get updated as well) and it will work in Gmod and SFM. The features you'll see in the pack:
- improved V1 meshes (several eye types)
- tweaked skeleton
- more accurate and flexible physics
- modular models (everything is compatible with everything when creating new characters)
- bodygroups (wings and some accessories)
- skingroups (eye sizes and bodysuits)
- more flexible faceposing (47 flexes, lip syncing shouldn't be a problem)
- ear posing
- wing bones (pose feathers separately)
- jigglebones (natural mane movement)
- IK rigs (sort of)
- plenty of new characters with accurate manes and tails

Friggin' tired, might have forgotten some. In any case, I'll finish the females before I start converting the males, but I don't know yet if they'll be released separately. Both packs combined, I think the character model count is 34, should keep you guys busy for a while :D


Here are the female models that are in the works and their status:
- Aloe Blossom (finished)
- Applejack (finished)
- Berry Punch (finished)
- Bon Bon (finished)
- Carrot Top (finished)
- Cheerilee (finished)
- Cloudchaser (finished)
- Derpy Hooves (finished)
- Flitter (finished)
- Fluttershy (finished)
- Future Twilight (finished)
- Lighting Dust (finished)
- Lotus Blossom (finished)
- Lyra (finished)
- Nurse Redheart (finished)
- Octavia (finished)
- Pinkamena (finished)
- Pinkie Pie (finished)
- Rainbow Dash (finished)
- Rarity (finished)
- Spitfire (finished)
- Twilight alicorn (wingbones)
- Twilight Sparkle (finished)
- Trixie (finished)
- Vinyl Scratch (finished)
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hmm i been reading about auto lip sync is that really a thing? and if so can someone show me where to get it?