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Watching you work

I don't really support shipping, but if there's one pairing of canon characters I can support, it's Octavia and Scratch. Maybe it's the music, but it just works.

In other news, I started working on new flexes, Octavia can for example close her left eye now. Not her right eye, because I'm lazy :P
Scratch got her shades and we also will have headphones as bonemergeable props with other goodies, here they are bodygrouped.

I think I'll drop modeling for a week or so, that damn thesis isn't going to write itself and it's due to next Monday. Oh boy what a week I'm going to have...
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can you commission my oc into sfm? i dont have the softwhere to :(
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Sorry, I don't take any requests or commissions.
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I hate this shipping >_< but I love this art =3 a best friends sorta thing Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap 
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I LOVE DJ PON 3 please make more
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I do too! <3 xP
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Maybe at some point, we'll see :)
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A really good quality.
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damn i love those 2 but never seem to find a model pack with them that actualy works :X
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Well these two aren't even released yet, but when they are, they are sure to work :)
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well i started fixing the other models that i got from EQ daily's MLP packs which almost all came out pink due to the famouse lightwarp problem and i plan to make comics and vids with mains and best bagrounds along with HL2 and TF2 characters
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might i ask if there's an aproximate date for when these 2 will be released for public use?
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No, because I have no idea.
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any other way someone can get a hold on them? :'(
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i think they're still being worked on
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Making them yourself? I won't hand them over before they are finished, and neither will any of my testers.
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It's a very good likeliness. Damn, the time spent on this... (I know all too well how long it takes.)
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............These models. Where did you get them. :3
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I made them myself :)

Chiramii-chan made the bowtie, mane and tail meshes and I ported, UV wrapped and textured them. Shades, headphones, bowtie's collar and Octavia's tail are my handywork. They both are works in progress and will be released in a bigger package sometime in the future, when they are finished.
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Well might I say that it's most endearing :3
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Not a fan of Octavia-Vinyl Scratch shipping, but - this is amazing.
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