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This Wall Needs a Mural...

Long time no Gmod. Missed me? No? Okay good, I'll just go back over there then...

Such a simple pose, but it took a day's worth of preparations. Downloaded several maps, a dozen prop packs, updated and fixed HL2, the episodes and CSS
 just to get the maps working, verified Gmod's game cache twice, and broke every single SDK I had installed in the process. Still, in the end, all downloaded maps turned out to be bad.

So, since there weren't any proper vault maps, I had to make one. I ported some vault pieces from FO3, made a room model out of them, compiled it for L4D2 and there we go. The pose was done in the dark room of gm_construct.

You might be able to figure out where the jumpsuit and Pipbuck came from. No, you can't have... Yet...
Maintenance jumpsuit made by MrJimmy7
Pipbuck made by f1r3w4rr10r and MrJimmy7
Both fixed and rigged by me

"The Pipbuck is on the wrong leg!" I know, nothing I can do about it.
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Might I ask how you imported the FO3 models? You don't have to give a detailed explanation, but if you could link to something that could help me figure it out, it'd be appreciated. 
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You can either use a NIF plugin for 3DS Max or Blender to import the mesh or you can use NIFSkope for converting the model to OBJ and import that to your preferred 3D software. Both ways have some small issues, at least in my case I lost the material names from the models, but there shouldn't be anything too serious if you know how to use 3D software.
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alright, thanks 
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Why you have to tease with the jumpsuit and pipbuck models? (maybe I should just wait. hmmmm...)

Still, very nice work.
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My god, dat detailed model!
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You can mirror the iamge and pipbuck is in the right leg! DA MAGICKS!
Hyvää jälkeä!
Poninnahka's avatar
But then "2" is facing wrong way D:

Kiitän, ja sait muutes seuraajan :P
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Fallout: Equestria is the BEST! idk if you can tell or not, buy my OC is actually based in the Fo:E universe. I'm a Dashite.
Poninnahka's avatar
Well, good for you :) It's a very good story.
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For some reason the two words that come to mind when I see this picture are 'adorable' and 'somber'. It's probably because I still think MLP and Fallout is a strange combination that at the same time seems to work.

Nice to see your work again Nahka.
Raptor1701's avatar
I'm gonna be honest. I always thought of littlepip as being, optimistic in a way. Maybe its the abounding curiosity.
Romo134134's avatar
It's funny because Somber is the author of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. (Even tho this is Littlepip.)
FlOrangey's avatar
Somber is also a word that means 'gloomy', though now that you mention it that is kinda funny. Unintentional reference :)
Poninnahka's avatar
Gotta agree with that, a strange combination that just works.

I have been working all the time, just had to go hiding for a while :)
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What is she holding?
Poninnahka's avatar
A bag of flour, but imagine it's a sponge or a rag :P
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:D lil pip u r my fav
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This is absolutely wonderful! I love the detail of this jumpsuit! Hopefully in final release the Pipbuck will be on the correct hoof, or is it just a prop that you bonemerged onto Lil' Pip.
Poninnahka's avatar
It's a separate prop, but the shape doesn't really allow it to fit on the right hoof. 
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Exactly what I said when I saw the WIP of it.
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