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The Wonderbolts: release



Ok, here's the surprise I told you about. I figured that since I'm taking my sweet time working on the male pack, I should throw something for you guys :)

The pack includes Soarin', Spitfire and three kinds of goggles. All five models are still beta, there might be some minor bugs, and they most likely will be updated later. However, they are fully usable as they are now and they all include quite a few features.

These also have different physics values, for example they are half the weight they used to be and they have no self collisions. This is for making posing a tad easier (at least in my opinion) and the pony won't freak out mid posing anymore.

Soarin's and Spitfire's bodygroups:
group 1 is goggles: 0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = on head, 3 = on neck
group 2 is right wing: 0 = spread, 1 = closed
group 3 is left wing: 0 = spread, 1 = closed

1: no suit, normal eyes
2: no suit, medium sized eyes
3: no suit, small eyes
4: suit, normal eyes
5: suit, medium sized eyes
6: suit, small eyes

All goggles have a brown skingroup in case you want to make a hurricane Fluttershy -scene :P

Pack not available anymore due to outdated models. Please download the pony overhaul instead.

KP-ShadowSquirrel - original ponies
oogaboogaman - original port to Gmod
f1r3w4rr10r - original base male pony
Nahka - porting, custom meshes, custom textures, edits, physics etc.
Illu-Mint - original Wonderbolt suit texture
moongazeponies - Soarin's cutiemark / Wonderbolt mark
maximillianveers - Spitfire's cutiemark / female Wonderbolt mark
Chiramii-chan - eyeliner, suggestions, testing, finding cutiemarks
Yukitoshii - testing, suggestions
el-tigre-fan-club - testing
DaClassicDude - testing
OzSnip3r - testing

If I forgot someone, let me know ASAP!

EDIT: Updated the pack with finished Soarin' and male goggles.
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Um, in Gmod, when I spawned Soarin, he has missing 1 leg & 1 front leg.  Help?