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The Wonderbolts: release

By Poninnahka
Ok, here's the surprise I told you about. I figured that since I'm taking my sweet time working on the male pack, I should throw something for you guys :)

The pack includes Soarin', Spitfire and three kinds of goggles. All five models are still beta, there might be some minor bugs, and they most likely will be updated later. However, they are fully usable as they are now and they all include quite a few features.

These also have different physics values, for example they are half the weight they used to be and they have no self collisions. This is for making posing a tad easier (at least in my opinion) and the pony won't freak out mid posing anymore.

Soarin's and Spitfire's bodygroups:
group 1 is goggles: 0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = on head, 3 = on neck
group 2 is right wing: 0 = spread, 1 = closed
group 3 is left wing: 0 = spread, 1 = closed

1: no suit, normal eyes
2: no suit, medium sized eyes
3: no suit, small eyes
4: suit, normal eyes
5: suit, medium sized eyes
6: suit, small eyes

All goggles have a brown skingroup in case you want to make a hurricane Fluttershy -scene :P

Pack not available anymore due to outdated models. Please download the pony overhaul instead.

KP-ShadowSquirrel - original ponies
oogaboogaman - original port to Gmod
f1r3w4rr10r - original base male pony
Nahka - porting, custom meshes, custom textures, edits, physics etc.
Illu-Mint - original Wonderbolt suit texture
moongazeponies - Soarin's cutiemark / Wonderbolt mark
maximillianveers - Spitfire's cutiemark / female Wonderbolt mark
Chiramii-chan - eyeliner, suggestions, testing, finding cutiemarks
Yukitoshii - testing, suggestions
el-tigre-fan-club - testing
DaClassicDude - testing
OzSnip3r - testing

If I forgot someone, let me know ASAP!

EDIT: Updated the pack with finished Soarin' and male goggles.
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RainbineDashie's avatar
Um, in Gmod, when I spawned Soarin, he has missing 1 leg & 1 front leg.  Help?
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The model in that pack is outdated and corrupt in some cases, use this model instead:…

Same deal with the rest of the males:…
Updated Spitfire and the props are in the overhaul packs.
RainbineDashie's avatar
Oh, ok!  Thanks for the help!
Flippy23pc3's avatar
How do I get this into the game? I can't find out anywhere Dx
Poninnahka's avatar
Here you go: 
How to install to SFM: Just watch The4thaggie's video, it'll explain everything you need to know:…

How to install to Gmod: Drop the mlp_overhaul -folder with its contents into your addons -folder, which is in garrysmod -folder. Then install Legacy Addon Browser from the workshop and start the game. They should show up in the menu under legacy addons. You can also just download the models from the workshop.

However I don't recommend this pack since the models are horribly outdated. I suggest you download the pony overhaul and the prop pack from here:… and here:… and Soarin here:…
BB-K's avatar
While I was making a canon version of Soarin (Using Rainbow Falls revealed cutie mark) and put it to SFM to have a little personal show & tell just like I did the same with Vinyl Scratch, I notice once I use your old copy of Soarin, SFM crashed to desktop. My canon-copy is working nicely.

Do you have outdated QC files or something? I notice that in your Ponies_Source QC files while I was making my own via Notepad++. Is that the reason SFM crashed?
Poninnahka's avatar
The male models were compiled before SFM was released, meaning that they were compiled for an outdated engine, which is why they crash SFM. There are recompiled models around so I didn't see a point updating them before I overhaul them.
BB-K's avatar
Oh, whoops, I notice one guy said that it was meant for Gmod originally until it wasn't updated for SFM.

Anyway, I guess I'll be repacking them. Now I need to look around to see if there's an existing model before I release my copy.
adsan-le-bronywolf's avatar
So I downloaded this and the male pony pack, put in my addons folder, I then quit my game and re-log, but they aren't there? Help? 
Poninnahka's avatar
Do you have Legacy Addon Browser installed? if not, install it, if so, I suggest downloading them from the workshop.
adsan-le-bronywolf's avatar
After I installed it, not popping up. I tried everything and its not working. One question, could you add this and the Male Pony Pack onto the workshop? That would make my whole life a lot easier, not to exaggerate, nor nag.
Poninnahka's avatar
They both are so old that there's no point uploading them to the workshop. You might be able to find Soarin from the workshop though.
adsan-le-bronywolf's avatar
I'll try that, and doctor whooves as well.
adsan-le-bronywolf's avatar
I installed it and I'd like to know are both of these on the workshop?
adsan-le-bronywolf's avatar
I dont have it. I'll try downloading it, thanks.
gdpr-21756679's avatar
Can you help please? My Spitfire with suit has pink checker textures, indicating that the texture is missing. Can you help?
Poninnahka's avatar
This pack is outdated, use Spitfire from the overhaul pack instead. You'll find it from my gallery.
gdpr-21756679's avatar
NightFuryYoshi64's avatar
I'm a complete noob here, but is there a way I can get the Soarin' ragdoll into a player model?
I do have a pony playermodel addon and some NPC to playermodel addon installed, but I doubt that's going to help.

Thanks! ^^
Poninnahka's avatar
Maybe by messing around with the pony playermodel addon, but other than that, I have no idea.
NightFuryYoshi64's avatar
Yep, after a bit of messing around the files and re-downloading your pack after derps :P - I got Soarin' as my playermodel :D
but he's just a sliding image, I can't get the animations to work for him to be moving like a real character. I'm supposed to put these two commands into Soarin's  .qc  file:

$attachment "anim_attachment_RH" "head" 0.00 -12.91 11.79 absolute
$include "animations.qci"

but uh... there is no .qc file in soarin's files. xD
So I'm like "okie..." :D
Poninnahka's avatar
That's because the model you downloaded is already compiled, a QC file is one of the source files you get after decompiling the model. You need Source SDK and a bunch of other tools in order to do that, and since It's kinda hard to find an SDK that works after Steampipe -update, I suggest you try to find someone who has a working SDK.
NightFuryYoshi64's avatar
Wellp, got it decompiled, looking for a compiler so I'm going to sound stupid... again. (at least I'm learning)
I put the .qc file into studiomdl.exe to compile and I get some gameinfo.txt error:

Unable to find gameinfo.txt. Solutions:

1. Read…
2. Run vconfig to specify which game you're working on.
3. Add -game <path> on the command line where <path> is the directory that gameinfo.txt is in.
Unable to find gameinfo.txt. Solutions:

1. Read…
2. Run vconfig to specify which game you're working on.
3. Add -game <path> on the command line where <path> is the directory that gameinfo.txt is in.

!? That www.valve  directory doesn't exist on the web, so I'm guessing this thing's as ancient as 2010 or something.
Well, I got a working decompiler, but do you have any ideas on a working compiler? (yeah my decompiler doesn't compile sadly)
Poninnahka's avatar
That's the problem I was talking about, I have to use Left 4 Dead 2's SDK for compiling, everything else is broken for me and no workarounds have helped. This might help you:…

As for a proper compiler, I suggest getting GUIStudioMDL, it's much, much more reliable than StudioCompiler.
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