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Pony Overhaul: Females Release

First off, huge thanks for :iconata64: for the release picture.

Now, needless to say that this pack took quite a while to make. I think I started over nine months ago and started working on it actively maybe six months ago. Now, after all the teasing, mental breakdowns and butthurt, I can pretty safely call it done.

So, for those who don't know what's so special here: Basically this is the V1 pony models with several improvements for posing and animating abilities and show accuracy. There are also plenty of new characters that were basically made from scratch. The pack includes (the pack where the model can be found is inside the brackets) :
- Aloe Blossom (background 2)
- Applejack (mane6)
- Berry Punch (background 2)
- Bon Bon (background 1)
- Carrot Top (background 2)
- Cheerilee (background 2)
- Cloudchaser (background 1)
- Derpy Hooves (mane6)
- Flitter (background 1)
- Fluttershy (mane6)
- Future Twilight (background 1)
- Lighting Dust (background 1)
- Lotus Blossom (background 2)
- Lyra (background 1)
- Nurse Redheart (background 2)
- Octavia (background 2)
- Pinkamena (background 1)
- Pinkie Pie (mane6)
- Rainbow Dash (mane6)
- Rarity (mane6)
- Spitfire (background 1)
- Twilight alicorn (background 1)
- Twilight Sparkle (mane6)
- Trixie (background 2)
- Vinyl Scratch (background 2)
Full info here:…
Warning: The jigglebones have a tendency to freak out by sudden movements, nothing I can do about it without removing the jiggles since the bug is in the engine. I suggest avoiding really sudden movements in your animations, or moving the jiggles manually if you need to make fast animations.

Props, characters and SFM scripts in one pack: mediafire:…
Mane6: mediafire:… , workshop:…
Background pack 1: mediafire:… , workshop:…
Background pack 2: mediafire:… , workshop:…
SFM scripts: mediafire:…

Bonemergeable pony props:…

Chiramii-chan's show accurate eyes -mod:

Yukitoshii's V3 shading -mod:
comparison to V1, right one has V3 shading and show accurate eyes:…

Ponyville -map converted for SFM:…

How to install to SFM: Just watch The4thaggie's video, it'll explain everything you need to know:…

How to install to Gmod: Drop the mlp_overhaul -folder with its contents into your addons -folder, which is in garrysmod -folder. Then install Legacy Addon Browser (… ) from the workshop and start the game. They should show up in the menu under legacy addons. You can also just download the models from the workshop.

Poninnahka : Model Designer/Rigger, Head of Project
Chiramii-chan : Model Designer
Yukitoshii: Phoneme Designer/Preview Animations
CobbaltCO : Model Resources/Designer
KP-ShadowSquirrel : Original Model Maker
oogaboogaman : Original Model Importer for Source Engine
MrMentleman: Ponyville Map Author/Creator
ata64 : Ponyville Map Editor/Converter
Cutiemarks were found from MLP wiki and DeviantArt and the credits go to the vector artists.

Official testing team:

Might have missed something, will fix in that case. More links will come once I get them up.

EDIT: Ok, Workshopper is giving me the finger, so I can't get everything uploaded today. Rest of the links should follow tomorrow.

EDIT2: the rest of the links are now up, Workshop didn't want to work correctly so Astrix had to upload a couple of packs. Also updated the pic with ata64's newer one.
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SuperMarioSparky's avatar

hi my name is Sparky i'm new at makink animation on sfm and i'm trying to get the mlp models and they said i can get the models on here i have a question how do i get the models from here on to sfm? if you don't mind me asking ^w^

MLPStevePVB's avatar
The Models are Amazing I been using them for Years but I just wish you would fix Applejack's Scarf because she should not wear it when you first spawn her in It's not her signature style it's her accessory
Shadow-Wolf112's avatar
Question, is the Alicorn Twilight's wings closeable? I have her all well, and I can pose her wings fine, but I cant seem to get the closed wings sliders to work.
Poninnahka's avatar
The wings are bodygrouped, they can be closed by changing the bodygroup's subgroup. I don't know how it's done in SFM but I know it's possible.
MarcusVannGriffin's avatar
You should also get Citrine Spark from the School of Friendship as a 3D Pony Model in Source Filmmaker.
RogueViews's avatar
Thank you for the time and effort put into this, greatly appreciated. I Guess I have the double whammy, as I am just under a day old with trying out sfm, and I am not a brony (watched up to season 2 episode four, oh and watched the movie, so uh yeah ..... Luna is best pony), but I love the time and effort you all put into your art to make rather amazing pieces, thought I would try my talon at it, either way still great to look, like I said at others art work.
If I download these models, will I get Alicorn Twilight Sparkle or is that a separate download?
Poninnahka's avatar
She can be found in the bulk download and/or background pack 1, she's not included in the mane6 pack since she was a very new addition back when this pack was about to be released.
PrincessBeautiful's avatar
Finn488's avatar
I'm relatively new to using SFM but I watched the tutorials on how to install pony models and I can't find any mention of what to do with the vn_emotion.dmx, vn_phoneme.dmx, and the files. please help they seem important and whatnot
Poninnahka's avatar
Those three files are only presets of sorts, they are not really necessary but they were included in case someone wants to use them. 
Finn488's avatar
okay thanks for the reply
0PaintyPony0's avatar
can someone tell me where is the pinkamena with eyebrows?
Lillywork's avatar
That moment when Derpy is in the Mane 6 folder but Alicorn Twilight isn't xD
LDinos's avatar
I honestly cannot find Twilight with wings model, I have been searching everywhere and its either the old 2013 pony model or something for gmod :c help?
Poninnahka's avatar
It's in this back, download either the bulk pack (all the models in one pack) or the Background pack 1 which includes the alicorn Twilight (the wings were new back when this was released). The character list in the description also contains the pack names where each of the character can be found :)
LDinos's avatar
thanks a lot :3
Now the only thing that I haven't found is a celestia throne room map, if I dont find one soon, I will probably try to map one on my own
Thank you again
Poninnahka's avatar
jonnyhawkeye's avatar
how di I even download this??
Poninnahka's avatar
There are a bunch of download links under Downloads in the description.
flitterflower111's avatar
doesnt work it says 404 not found
Poninnahka's avatar
The filesmelt links are dead, should have removed them years ago. They are gone now, try the mediafire links, they are still up.
flitterflower111's avatar
oh okay
thank yoooouu
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