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Overhaul Pony Source Files

By Poninnahka
Couldn't come up with a good release pic, so this'll have to do.

So, here are the source files people have been asking. It includes both male and female sources, and they are mostly compatible with each other. You can compile female models with male manes and tails, or male mane6 and attach props on them as bodygroups. There are four types of wings, three of them having more bones for smoother animations. Basically you can compile your OC's with the same features the overhaul has.

However, since I haven't updated the males yet, there are a few exceptions for what you can do. The males cannot have long tails, meaning that Fluttersy's, Rarity's and Octavia's tails are out of the question due to not having correct physics or ragdoll sequence for them. I noticed after uploading that Braeburn's physics are missing, so Braeburn's hairstyle is unfortunately out of the question for females. For males, I think you can use the original male source files for Braeburn's style. The male QC's are outdated, so you need to fix the file paths inside them to make them work again.

Also, I got lazy and didn't get to make a template QC this time. My advice is to use the template from the male sources and update that with the new stuff in female QC's, or just copy one of the female QC's and edit that. The main differences are the addition of jigglebones and $jointskip -commands for removing unnecessary physics, so you should be ok. The pony compiling tutorial should still be useful.

Oh and one more thing. If your QC has a command "$zbrush", GET RID OF IT! It was an experiment of mine, was left in male sources as a leftover and I recently found out that it's most likely the reason for some model corrupting bugs in Gmod and SFM. You don't want it in your QC.


The pony compiling tutorial, you might find some useful tips there:…

If you get stuck, just ask, but make sure you've done some research before you do. You have no idea how often I get asked for advice and the problem turns out to be a missing bracket in the QC :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, one more thing. I accidentally included the old physics for long tailed females, phymodel_female_long_tail.smd. That one is outdated but works, but still I recommend using phymodel_female_long_tail_test.smd instead.
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MysticM's avatar

Do you know where I can find the source .smd for Rarity's wet mane? I need it for long-hair models.

comenter988's avatar

is there any male pony models or do you know ware i can find one ?

NightOwlJC's avatar

Does anyone know how to make the pony's eyes? I can't seem to find any tutorials.

CrazyBrothersStyleR2's avatar
Poninnahka this is blender or what it is?
Magical-wings06's avatar
Is this base work on Blender ?
FernJames's avatar

Can any one please tell me what is Overhaul in SFM and what is it used for ?

FionaTheVixen's avatar

This file doesn't have ponyconverter.txt in here.

Poninnahka's avatar
I'm not sure what that file is for? These are just source files that you can use for compiling a pony model for Gmod or SFM, nothing more. That and they were released over six years ago.
FionaTheVixen's avatar

Nevermind I found it. It's basically a script for generating a custom pony. Thanks for your time anyways.

FlutterFly101's avatar
I'm having trouble putting the ponies_source.rar into a file. Can you tell me how to do that?
Poninnahka's avatar
Sorry for the delay, haven't been here for a bit. You mean how to extract the files from the RAR package? You need to install WinRAR or 7zip or some other program like that in order to unpack the package, then the contents will become usable.
Electron49's avatar
hello, first of all thank you for the models, I managed to compile my oc but when I want to open it with model viewer of sfm it me but an error message "error loading model". do you have an idea of ​​the problem and can it be a solution?
Poninnahka's avatar
That sounds like a compiler version problem, as in you may have compiled the model for a game that is not compatible with SFM. How are you compiling the model?
Electron49's avatar
I compiled it with crossbar
Poninnahka's avatar
Looks like you got it sorted already, good job! :) And sorry I wasn't much help.
Electron49's avatar
I managed to solve the problem, I used an obsolete version of crowbar, an update and it works
lpssoft's avatar
how do i create the pony
Derxx's avatar
I tried to compile a lot of times, but in SFM models doesn't appear, only bones, textures are invisible, and in my compiler I don't have any error :s
Poninnahka's avatar
Sorry for the late reply, I've been traveling for the past two weeks and I'm still on the road. What compiler did you use for compiling the model, and did you move the model files over to somewhere in order to check them in Model Viewer?
Derxx's avatar
Don't worry. I used crowbar, I saw your tutorial of compiling but I don't understand (guistudiomdl), and yes, all models files are in order, and my qc file I checked all lines and I don't see any errors.
Poninnahka's avatar
What SDK did you use for compiling then? SFM? TF2? The problem sounds like a faulty model format to me, like either the model was compiled with an outdated SDK or the Model Viewer is outdated.
Derxx's avatar
I used SFM, I don’t have SDK, I tried with it but didn’t work
Poninnahka's avatar
There is an SDK in SFM, you'll get the option of starting it when you start SFM via Steam and not using any quick start icons. 

Hmm, try compiling the model while you have SFM's Source SDK and the model viewer running. That might allow the compiler to use some resources that were previously unavailable. If that doesn't change anything, can you upload the QC into PasteBin and give me the link?
Derxx's avatar
Hmmm, I found some way to compile models, using a .bat file, with some commands, And it works :D
Now is working good, I tried with other custom models and keep working, well.
P.D: By the way, thanks for your time and your models, your'e amazing!!
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