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Glaze / WoodenToaster Release

By Poninnahka
Glaze, aka WoodenToaster, now has his OC made for Gmod.

This is one of the collaborations between Chiramii-chan and me, and a public test version of my pony overhaul. The model features wing bones, jigglebones, ear posing, improved physics and rigging, basically everything the pony overhaul will have except new faceposing. The model also works in SFM.

EDIT: Updated the texture and added full faceposing from the overhaul.

Nahka - porting, model edits, textures
~Chiramii-chan - hair mesh
~oogaboogaman - Original pony port

Download here: [link]
Also available in Steam Workshop: [link]
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Nicely Done!
DANJ16's avatar
Could you update this so that we can use her for the source filmmaker ponies auto lip sync! What I mean is can you make her into a V3 pony model?
Poninnahka's avatar
No, not going to happen. However the scripts needed for auto lipsync can be found from this description's download -section:…
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can this Glaze model play as playermodel? please tell me how to use her as a playermodel!
Poninnahka's avatar
No, you can't. I have no idea how to do that, however I remember seeing some pony playermodel mods around. You should be able to create Glaze with them.

Also, patience with your messages, I'm not browsing DA 24/7. Even if I'm marked as online, I'm most likely doing something else.
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where do i place the folder called Glaze folder? in gmod
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Drop the glaze -folder (or whatever folder contains the materials and models -folders) with its contents into your addons -folder, which is in garrysmod -folder. Then install Legacy Addon Browser (… ) from the workshop and start the game. They should show up in the menu under legacy addons. You can also just download the model from the workshop if you can't get it working.
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can you play her as a playermodels too?
Smartyvoy's avatar
Awesome! Love It!
Loyal-Rainbow's avatar
You better believe I do hah, I didn't know you we're on dA though, cool I found it!
Poninnahka's avatar
I was never hiding :)
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What is this from? A game or something? O_O I know its your character but how did ou get it 3D.
Poninnahka's avatar
It's not my character, it's WoodenToaster's character. The model can be used in Garry's Mod or Source FilmMaker and I got it in 3D, simply put, by making it myself :p
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look at this pic and then lesen to this [link]
Poninnahka's avatar
Seen it, not my thing.
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Onks toi ilmanen?
Is it free to use?
Poninnahka's avatar
Joo, ilmasia ne on kaikki, ei niistä passaa mitään pyytää.
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i thought glaze was a girl
Poninnahka's avatar
Glaze is a man, but his OC is female. Kinda funny how many people point that out :D
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I kind of figured that out myself, but at least I still have clarification. X3 What is the software to make Gmod ponies? I want to make a 3d version of my OC Swift Breeze.
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