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Flitter and Cloudchaser

Well, this picture turned out to be a bit of a failure. It was supposed to show some use for the wing bones but it can't do even that right :D
So, have this video instead, made by Yukitoshii: [link]

In other news, I have updated the pony skeleton, rig and physics a bit, mainly to allow better posing for the hind legs and to get rid of most nasty rigging bugs. I think I spent around four days just working on one body mesh and rigged the whole thing from scratch two times not to mention the small tweaks afterwards, but at least the hind legs are now more flexible and the pony can actually sit down properly. Physics are now very accurate making posing a tad easier and on the other hand, a little bit more challenging at some parts.

So far only Flitter and Cloudchaser have been updated to the new meshes, but the rest of the ponies will follow once I get off from my lazy ass and actually get something done. On the other hand, I have finished all my school projects and now I only need to wait for graduating, so I should have plenty of time to work on models :)

EDIT: 200 watchers, :iconnarox22: was the lucky one :D Let's just say this is the milestone picture.
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where do you get that model?

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how do you animate this stuff? isn't it just a 3D creator?
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This was made with Garry's mod, which is just a game where you can build stuff with exiting models. doesn't have any animation tools by default, but there are some animation tool addons like Henry's Animation Tool or something like that. You can use that to make simple animations, or make stop motion animations one screenshot at a time. If you want to make proper animations, Source FilmMaker is your program.
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Yeah, still not out. They are not finished.
The--Big--Bad--Wolf's avatar
When will you let us download them?
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When they are finished, simple as that :)
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Yesss, the world still need more Flitter :3 <3 Awesome!
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is this for a game? If so what is it and is it free?

(sorry for so many questions ^^")
Poninnahka's avatar
The game is Garry's mod, you can get it from Steam for ten dollars. Worth the money considering all the stuff you can do with it :)
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ooh ok, thanks ^^
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God I can't wait to be able to get these (and the rest of the ponies.
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shit thats so much to give us as news...
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Holy shit... Sorry for swearing, but OMG... This will be the best thing to happen to gmod bronies...period.
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How's the skeleton on the wings? Are they like the ears or are they more flimsy?
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Since I already hit the physical bone limit, the wing bones have to be posed by using the bone editor. It's a bit of a pain in the ass at the moment because the bone editor is pretty buggy, but it gets the job done.
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Interesting to note. Either way, keep up the good work.
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This is awesome on many levels. If it becomes public, the fun will actually be doubled!

(On a personal note: don't take this as a "Pleasepleaseplease upload them!" comment. I prefer to see the work of an artist who is not rushed, who takes his/her time, and shows his/her art when it's actually complete. Or at least not too horrible. :) )

And goddamn I wish I could model like that. :cry:
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These look awesome!
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My favorite background ponies!
Did you think about uploading these to the Steam Workshop?
Poninnahka's avatar
When they are done, yeah.
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looks great, and congrats on graduating.
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