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FO:E Model Ports, Part1

By Poninnahka
Please do not decompile or modify these models!

I may have mentioned in the past that the models made in the Fallout: Equestria -project would be ported over to Source for people to use, but since I've been too busy with the project itself, I haven't really had any time for my own stuff. A couple of guys tried porting the models, but in the end :iconbeardeddoomguy: was the one doing all the work, so go give him some love =P The pack contains a security armor with two helmets, a stable jumpsuit, a stable maintenance suit and a pipbuck. All models are bonemergeable, the helmets have a bodygrouped visor and the pipbuck lights can be turned on and off.

The current plan is that whenever we at TOmS release something publicly, like a demo, the models from the demo would get ported to Source by Bearded or whoever is willing to do it, and the quality is then checked by us. That way we're trying to prevent the possibility that someone rips the models from the demos and ports them on their own without any quality control, resulting in different versions of the same models floating around. The less confusion there is, the better :)

Mediafire:… , Workshop: <will be added later>

Models - The Overmare Studios
Porting and poster - BeardedDoomGuy
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Never adds the Workshop link
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Looks Amazing! Blue Heart Icon 
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could you make this compatible with ppm
Poninnahka's avatar
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A guy already made one of the suits compatible…
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I found you because of him/her
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Ah, I'm afraid I haven't fiddled around with the skeleton that those player models are using, so figuring it out might take quite a bit of time, not to mention rigging it again and testing it. I don't really have too much time on my hands these days.
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compatible with the bones
MintPone's avatar
Any more coming?
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You might want to ask :iconbeardeddoomguy:, he's the one who ported these and has some more in progress. 
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when you will add this to workshop?
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Most likely not going to, it's more trouble than what it's worth. I'm more in favor of the legacy way of installing mods.
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Is it compatible for Gmodo?
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Yes, I tested it myself.
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For quality like this, I think it'll be worth the wait for the source files. 
Anyone who tries to decompile these should be ashamed. =(
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Oh Tested and they're even better in gae than i imagined :D workshop will be added later, i just hope it will be added for Gmod also, not only sfm ^^' and then instant subscribe
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I personally prefer Gmod, so no need to worry about that... once we get around to putting these up in workshop.
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Any idea when you will get these up on the workshop? Im not exactly sure how to add these to gmod myself, im not the smartest when it comes to stuff like that.
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I'm not too fond on the workshop myself. The idea is great, but most of the time it just gives me the finger when I try to upload something.

Here are legacy addon installation instructions copied from another release of mine:
How to install to Gmod: Drop the mlp_overhaul -folder with its contents into your addons -folder, which is in garrysmod -folder. Then install Legacy Addon Browser (… ) from the workshop and start the game. They should show up in the menu under legacy addons.

By "mlp_overhaul" I mean the folder with materials and models -folders and a text file inside it.
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Thanks, I got them working in game, but do they not work on pony playermodels? Bonemerge doesn't seem to work properly on them. I think that might just be the customizable pony playermodels though.
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The pony playermodels have a different skeleton, unfortunately they are not compatible.
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