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Bonemergeable Pony Props Release

Picture made by :iconkawaiiastrix: out of boredom, but I think it's perfect for a release pic.

So, count this one as a bonus. I kept telling you about a pony prop pack back in the days, so I think it was the time for that already :P The pack contains 56 props ranging from vests to headgear to jewelry and everything except ragdolled cape can be bonemerged on ponies. Too lazy for a complete list, but I'm sure you'll find something nice in there.

Notice that these won't work with V3 or not-normal sized ponies. Only V1 females (limited), my males and the new ponies are supported.

Get them here: filesmelt: [link] , mediafire: [link] , Workshop: [link]

~Poninnahka : Model Designer/Rigger, Head of Project
~Chiramii-chan : Model Designer
Yukitoshii: Phoneme Designer/Preview Animations
~gonzalolog : Model Resources/Designer
*KP-ShadowSquirrel : Original Model Maker
~oogaboogaman : Original Model Importer for Source Engine
MrMentleman: Ponyville Map Author/Creator
~ata64 : Ponyville Map Editor/Converter

Official testing team:
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hthom32's avatar
hey can i use your trixie prop for design a mod?
Poninnahka's avatar
You mean the hat and cape? Go for it, just remember to give credit where it's due :)
hthom32's avatar
Ok thank you :)
Suplo91's avatar
The glass of the protection glasses has no textures.
Poninnahka's avatar
The lenses use only one texture and I think it is there, otherwise you would be missing a bunch of other textures. However the lens is also using envcubemap for reflections, so if the map is missing that, it'll show up as a missing texture on the lenses as well. Check it on some other map and if it's still missing, take a screenshot and give me a link :)
Suplo91's avatar
No map has env_cubemap. 
Is it possible to put textures that have no reflections?
Poninnahka's avatar
You can try opening the lense.vmt file with Notepad++ and add // in front of all the following lines:
"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
"$envmapsaturation" "0.8"
"$envmaptint" "[ 1 1 1 ]"
You can find the file under ...\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod\materials\models\VN_mlp\common -folder. Adding // in front of the lines makes the engine think that those lines are comments and doesn't execute them in game, handy for checking things without doing any permanent damage :)

Let me know if that does the trick.
Suplo91's avatar
You are a genious!!!!
That was the problem, thank you.MLP:Evil fluttershy 
Poninnahka's avatar
Great, glad to hear :)
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
I need Lyra's Lyre. 
Poninnahka's avatar
Unfortunately I don't know where to find one.
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
its ok, i found one. I plan on doing Background Pony as an SFM animation, and i was like, i need Lyra's Lyre. Finally found one the other day. 
Poninnahka's avatar
Alrighty, glad to hear :)
PonyMoog203A's avatar
Can these be used with PAC3?
Poninnahka's avatar
PAC3? I'm not sure I have heard of that...
AaronN117's avatar
Oh, :iconponinnahka: , it's an addon for Gmod. You can take almost any prop and attach it to your playermodel, and even put things onto vehicles. Hell, you can even make playermodels with it, and even put in custom player animations for it. But, for :iconponymoog203a: s question, I can say yes. I have tested this with the pony props. Almost anything can work with pac3, if you can mess around with the model enough.

Although, some things, like the hoodie, can't typically be bone merged onto your PPM model. The PPM models use way different bones (also altered and way decimated) and will not work correctly on Pac3. But, if you use a source overhaul pony playermodel, they will work perfectly since they have the same bones. So far, I haven't really heard of anyone making overhaul playermodels, except myself so far. The only ones that were made into pms were the older v3 models. I have done so a while back and successfully made Male overhaul pms. Still working on converting the animations over for the females.

Still, most of the pony props that dont rely on multiple bones, should work being placed on your model in Pac3 without much trouble at all.
Poninnahka's avatar
Oh, well I'll be damned. I haven't taken a single look at the workshop nor opened Gmod in a few years so no wonder I've fallen out of the loop =P
AaronN117's avatar
I didn't really notice it, nor did I figure out how to use it until about a week ago. xD It has been out for quite a few years too.
sokushageta's avatar
Thanks for all! :D
SlenderManWoods's avatar
can this work on SFM?
BB-K's avatar
I don't know about this,
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