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I was supposed to wait for an official recruitment post, but times are hard and the post is taking its sweet time. So here goes, we are looking for more animators, modelers and, as a new breed in the team, graybox modelers to join Overmare Studios and work on Ashes of Equestria -project. About two of each would be a perfect amount, but taking in more is possible if you got the skill. Even if you don't have the skill but are really interested of joining and contributing, please do send in an application, in the worst case scenario I say "no" for the time being and give you some tips on how to improve yourself :)

What the animators need to know?

As an animator, you must know how to use a 3D modeling program like Maya, Blender or any similar program. You need to know how to rig given models (organic and mechanic, all the way from weapons and environment models to NPCs) and to create an IK rig in the case of creatures and other complex models. You know how to create natural looking skeletal animations based on given concepts and instructions, and be able to export the animations along with the models as a single FBX.

Animators are allowed some artistic freedom as the animations must be technically correct. This means that the starting and stopping locations need to be correct and they must include the required actions, but other than that the animations are up to the animator to decide. Depending on the animation the animator may have complete freedom or barely any freedom at all, but in most cases only the looks of the animation are what matters.

What the modelers need to know?

As a 3D modeler you need to know how to make detailed but optimized lowpoly models, create semi realistic textures, bake normal maps using high poly models (sculpted or otherwise modeled), and create metallic and roughness maps. Knowing how to make organic models is a huge plus, but not strictly required considering the amount of industrial content in the project. Tools don't matter as long as you're able to export the models in FBX-format and the textures in PNG, and as long as the quality is good. Using programs like Substance designer / painter is encouraged, but making the textures by painting them manually is allowed as well.

Artistic freedom depends heavily on the object being created. Weapons, creatures and other bigger, more detailed objects will have proper concepts that need to be followed, but less important models have only rough concepts or just reference pictures. In these cases the modeler needs to fill in the blanks himself, and in some cases the modeler is able to design the model completely on his own.

What the graybox modelers need to know?

Graybox modelers are not required to be able to make any detailed models or textures, but have probably the biggest workload of the 3D team at this point of the project. You need to be able to make very simple lowpoly models / 3D concepts of various objects, from usable items to environment parts, which are going to be used in the game as placeholders until the proper models are created. That’s it. However there are a lot of them, so being active is very important. Used tools are up to the modeler, as long as it is possible to export the models as FBX.

This position is very good for those who want to join the 3D team but don’t quite make the cut as a “proper” modeler, and being able to make textures and hipoly models is considered as a plus. Practicing making more detailed models while being in the team is encouraged, and one day you are able to start making the models that can be seen in the releasable game.

That's about it, please send the applications in our website:

Hope to hear about you soon!


Poninnahka's Profile Picture
Niko Korhonen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
So, I'm a 3D modeler, been making models for a few engines for some time now, mainly for Source. I'm only a hobbyist, meaning that I do this just for fun and I don't get or want any kind of profit from what I make. I'm not too picky about what I make as long as it's interesting, but I only make what I want to make and only for myself (as in, I make what I would use at the moment, but it will most likely be released for public).

On this account I'll be concentrating on ponies, since they have been taking quite a chunk of my attention recently. In addition to models, I have also picked up drawing after several years, so I may or may not occasionally show some pencil sketches or concepts.

I'm also the 3D and QA team leader in Fallout Equestria -game project. WIP shots and sneak peeks are possible, but I'd consider them as rare treats.

So, what to expect: pictures about pony WIPs, Gmod poses, drawings, pretty much whatever I feel like doing and is good enough to show off.


If I were to start a habit of modeling while streaming, would you be interested of coming to check it out despite the video quality being crap? 

96 deviants said Yes!
18 deviants said Meh...
5 deviants said Nah.


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