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NATG: Day 26 - Draw a pony searching for something; Draw a pony finding a treasure.

Was planning to take a break today. I did for a while, but then I changed my mind at the last minute.
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:iconderpyhappyplz: Found you!

:icondinkydooplz: Yay!
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
You drew their expressions very well! I d'awwwwwwwed : )
GEPFC's avatar
I liked the details. The little things, like Dinky inside the box and the (lack of) lighting on her. I think Derpy's wings are too small relative to her body, though.
ShaD-23's avatar
Awww, they get along so well. Derpy's a good mommy.
blueace1986's avatar
just way toooo cute
biggestelk's avatar
May I have a new heart please, the last one just exploded!
craftypacaderm's avatar
Adorable, and incredibly sweet. Good job. :D
Darkrai-chu's avatar
Ssssssoooooo cuuuute! <3
kisame1017's avatar
i what ask question, how did derpy and dinky met or is derpy really the mother of dinky
plaidsandstripes's avatar
Derpy and dinky are mother and daughter only through fan based ideas/art. It is not 'true' (cannon) from the show. So how they met or whether they really are related would depend on the fan art/story/comic etc. of different artists.
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Ah, I love how he Derpy's going from concerned to curious to hopeful to happy. ^^
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I love Dinky/Derpy stuff, and this is no exception. Very cute!
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Let's hope that thing had air holes. Poor Dinky.
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