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That's right folks! Season 5 is starting again soon and it starts off with a Rarity-themed episode that will be taking place in Manehattan! Details on the episode below...

Date: September 12th, 2015
Episode: Canterlot Boutique
Rarity's dream of owning a boutique in Canterlot finally comes true, but it comes at a price Rarity may not be willing to pay.
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A place for ponies. A place for bronies.
Despite the name, everyone is welcome.
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Submission Guide

Some General Information
- No NSFW content as of yet. Kissing is fine. Shipping is fine.
- No gore. On that note, death is allowed but keep to Disney.
- No self advertisement allowed.
- At the moment quality is not really a factor of acceptance but is requested to be kept in mind.
- Currently there is no limit on the amount of submissions per day.

The Folders:

Featured: The best of the best. This folder is the only folder at the moment with entry requirements and will be judged by quality of work. To get an understanding on the level of quality expected, see :iconponiesplus:

Admin's Pick: A signal booster for Australian artists.

Mane6 and Spike: Anything with the Mane 6 or Spike as the main focus should be submitted here.

Anthro Humanised: Non-EQG content that has humaniod horses or other characters should be sumbitted here.

Antagonists: Works that focus on characters such as Discord, Nightmare Noon (not Luna) should be placed into this folder. Trixie and other reformed antagonists also count.

Secondary Characters: Recurring characters like the Cakes and the Princesses. At the moment, the CMC are also included.

Background Characters: Derpy, DJ Pon3, Octavia, Doctor Whooves/Timeturner, Lyra and pretty much any character with little to no dialogue should be here. Pony-variant Flash Sentry may also count.

Other Characters: One time characters like Gilda and Coco should be submitted here.

Groups: Character groupings and pairings. If the focus is on more than one character it should be submitted here. Mane 6 based groupings should be submitted to Mane 6 and Spike.

Equestria Girls: ALL EQG content should be submitted here.

Daper and Fancy: The joke folder. Anyway, just a bowtie, suit and/or dress is fine. A cape and cane just add to it. If the work has any of the sort, submit here.

Animations and Flash: Animations on Gary's Mod, Flash, Gif and others here.

Comics: - Comic strips and pretty much anything from :iconcsimadmax: goes in here.

Original Characters: Fallout Equestria, My Little Dashie or your own projects and creations should be located here. This has been expanded to include ponysona as well.

Resources: Tutorials, vector bases and resource kits should be submitted here.

Artisan and Crafts: Clay, customs and plushies shown go into this folder. At this point cosplays here too.

Sketches and WIP: Sketches should be contributed here. While WIP (Work in Progress) can be uploaded, it should be kept to a minimum.



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