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thx for letting me join
My little ricer: losing is magic 
Not fair of you
Do you know what ricer is? 
Just thought I'd let you lot know about my latest project. Basically a forum for bronies to talk about cars, show off their own rides, and find and arrange meets. We had a meet at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago that was amazing. If you're interested in that kind of thing, give us a look; steedhunters.boards.net/

Not meaning this to be spam or anything, so I apologise if it's taken that way.
Well, here, ponies with tuner cars, muscle cars, supercars,pickup trucks,big rigs,tanks,bikes,planes,boats,hot rods, and other kinds of vehicles. But you left out kind of vehicle: Monster Trucks. With that being said 

I made this:harejules.deviantart.com/art/M…