Extreme Outdoors Contest Voting! Pick Your Favourite Entry from the Top 10! (Open Until 12Noon EST Oct 30th))
620 votes
There's one here too -> Rainbow Races Pinkie by MissyMeghan3

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I like All pictures because every picture is awesome and everyone has its charm .. :) :3 i love all .
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I think more people should have voted for 
Rainbow Races Pinkie by MissyMeghan3
It's a really fun deviation. Maybe it's not going to win, but I bet a lot of people might have missed it and that's why it has less votes, rather than it being less cool!
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Beach Ponies Cool
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I voted for the one with Applejack bucking.
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MLP :Extreme Outdoor Activities: Contest by MeguBunnii
This contestant just decided to go all-out! There's lots of activities going on in this one, and it's a nice touch to include those bubbles that show a close-up of a pony doing them, so scale doesn't get in the way of detail!

Pony Coaster by TheFredricus
Great shot! As with the other entries, I like how the artist pretty accurately portrayed each character's behaviour in a particular situation

Magical Reading by UmiMizunone
A really well done picture of Twilight, very nice to look at, even though her act pales somewhat in comparison with all those crazy shenanigans depicted in other entries. Perhaps, a really confused Tirek in the background would have made it more daring xD

CE: Extreme Outdoors by HoneyL17
Pretty cool! I hope for their own sake that it is not the Scariest Cave in Equestria from Pinkie Apple Pie xD

And my vote goes to
Slackline bird feeding by modecom1
The idea is brilliant, the execution - spot on, and the landscape - breathtaking! Chasing those birds through the air to feed them rather than just scattering seeds when they land is so stupidly ridiculous, and actually fits in with the other over-the-top things Fluttershy is prepared to do for the animals!
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Extreme Shark Fishing by mortalshinobi
This is really badass! Looks like exactly the sort of thing a brutal batshit relative of Rainbow Dash would do, and fits with the theme of the contest perfectly!

Stack D'em Bales by MissyMeghan3
The author of this picture managed to take something as simple as a tower of hay, and make it super epic through some clever composition and use of perspective! Nice!

Rainbow Races Pinkie by MissyMeghan3
Yep, typical Pinkie Pie. I wonder how Fall Weather Friends wold have unfolded, had RD competed against Pinkie rather than AJ. It's an amusing pic, even though it doesn't really feel that extreme.

[CONTEST ENTRY]A Stroll Through The Ocean by BoardOfWordplay
That's more like it! Has everything I like to see: Twi doing awesome magics, Fluttershy befriending the most random of animals, Rarity being Rarity no matter the circumstances, Pinkie doing fucked-up shit while AJ is staring at her with a WTF look on her face!

Extreme Kite-flying by Exelzior-Maximus
A great depiction of Spike doing the most reasonable thing anyone is expected to do upon spotting a tornado - launching a kite into it just for the lulz! A bit of criticism, though - it took me a while to realise that shape was actually a tornado, but it's a great picture nonetheless!
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I didn't even see this one on the list:

Rainbow Races Pinkie by MissyMeghan3

I'm wondering if others didn't either, considering it has no votes?
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Added an note if that helps. I see what you mean though. It's a tiny thing.
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Yeah, mine too. it was fav.me/d96h8b3
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It's difficult... I'd like to vote for at least three of the pics...
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Aw, I didn't get top ten :c
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