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Legends of Magic - Chapter Seven B Twilight found herself within a familiar cavern, but briefly gasped as she took sight of its most prominent feature. The Tree of Harmony was still present, but it was smaller, reedier, and bereft of its crystalline branches. Nonetheless, the outlines suggestive of a sun, a crescent moon, and the same six-pointed star depicted by her cutie mark were still present. “Mah stars!” Twilight instinctively moved to one side, despite knowing that this was simply a vision, and turned to see Star Swirl lead his fellow Pillars into the cavern, with Stygian in the rear. Meadowbrook took keen interest in the Tree and asked, “Where did this come from?” “Alas, I do not know its origins.” Star Swirl approached the Tree and explained, “But in my travels and journeys, I have determined three things. The first is that this Crystal Tree, for lack of a better name, is ancient, far older than we know. The second is that its magic is of a similar sort to that of the Crystal Heart, which protects the Crystal Empire to the far north.” “I have heard stories of the Crystal Empire.” Mistmane smiled fondly. “One day, I hope to visit it.” “Perhaps you will, but that is for another day.” The sorcerer cleared his throat and continued. “The third is that this Tree could provide the key to ensuring Equestria’s future, and a means of maintaining harmony in the realm. But it needs to be nurtured, and we are the ones to do it.” Flash Magnus raised an eyebrow. “Forgive my skepticism, but this is a crystal. You don’t nurture a crystal like you do a plant.” “No, but this is no ordinary crystal. And nurturing it only requires something simple.” Star Swirl reached underneath his robes and produced a small crystalline cube that shined a brilliant white. “All ponies have innate magic within them, and we six, as I have said, embody the virtues that are needed to guide this nation going forward. We shall bond our magic to this crystal, and then bond it to the tree, so that it may…” “Forgive me, Star Swirl, but I think there’s a flaw in your plan.” Rockhoof stepped forward. “There’s seven of us, not six. Even the Princesses acknowledge it.” “And it is only right that we each bond our magic to a specific crystal, and then bond them to the Tree.” Somnambula smiled and turned to Stygian. “Together.” The young scholar looked between them in surprise. “Really?” Star Swirl scowled. “This stone is a gift from the alicorn tribe. They represent the best of all of the tribes.” “And where were they when the Windigoes attacked?” The great earth pony among them stood firm. “Where were they when we struggled against our individual foes? Or when we fought Basso Profundo? We cannae rely on them, and if we’re going to build this nation, we need to do so with our own foundations.” The sorcerer looked about, then frowned. “Very well.” He tucked the stone away with some frustration before he turned back to his fellows. “But I…” His frown deepened as he saw Mistmane produce gemstones from a pouch around her neck. “You planned all of this together before you came.” The wizened mare shook her head. “No, there was no concerted effort, though I think that most of us were all of the same mind. I was simply optimistic that such was the case, especially in light of other circumstances.” She began passing gemstones to her comrades and explained, “You are not the only one to know of this cavern, or of the Crystal Tree. I found it as well, and I believe that what we do here will indeed have great import for the future.” She passed a lone peridot to Stygian, then produced an amethyst and turned to Star Swirl. “Shall we perform the spell together, or do you wish to do it yourself?” “I can perform the spell myself, thank you.” Star Swirl claimed the gemstone and held it against his chest as his horn glowed a brilliant white. The gem, in turn, took on a brilliant glow of its own, which remained even as it left his chest. One by one, he repeated the spell, and soon, all seven carried a glowing stone. “Now then, to the Tree.” The seven turned to the Tree, their gemstones presented before them. The citrine held by Rockhoof was the first to rise, followed by the pink sapphire from Meadowbrook. Next the blue topaz from Somnambula, and then the purple garnet from Mistmane. They were followed by the ruby from Flash Magnus, the peridot from Stygian, and finally, Star Swirl’s amethyst. Even the sorcerer seemed surprised as the gemstones were pulled towards the Tree, and seemed to sink into its surface. And then the Tree began to glow, and grow. Its crystalline trunk thickened and swelled, and branches and roots grew and sprouted at a rapid rate. As its growth slowed and ceased, five branches formed and took on prominent forms at their ends, each one bearing one of five multifaceted gemstones. Flash Magnus’s gaze went to the branch that pointed straight up from the Tree, where he saw his now larger ruby. “Well, five are accounted for.” “Six.” Star Swirl cast a spell, and the star-shaped indent in the trunk opened to reveal the now similarly-shaped amethyst within. “As I said, six Elements.” The spell ended, and the indent snapped shut. “Not seven.” The last thing Twilight saw was the crestfallen look upon Stygian’s face, and all the Pillars save Star Swirl doing their best to comfort the scrawny scholar. - Twilight emerged from her trance, briefly shook her head, and beamed. “Oh my gosh…” “Twilight?” Spike approached her hesitantly and asked, “What happened? What did you see?” “I saw Star Swirl and the other Pillars, and Stygian.” The young alicorn’s gaze swept over the gathered ponies as she explained, “It must have happened after their battle with Basso Profundo. The seven of them came to the Tree of Harmony, each one with a gemstone infused with some of their innate magic, and bonded those gemstones to the Tree. It grew, and the Elements were formed.” “Whoa now, hang on a second.” Applejack regarded her friend with surprise. “You’re sayin’ the Elements came from them?” Sunburst’s eyes widened at the implications. “Their actions might well have accelerated its development, like adding fertilizer to crops to help them grow.” The farmpony nodded. “Ain’t a bad analogy, assumin’ you ain’t makin’ too many leaps.” A gentle laugh sounded from her side, and she turned to Quiver. “And what’s got you laughin’?” “Sorry, but…” The stallion regained control of himself as he explained, “It’s almost too perfect to be believed.” His gaze now went over each of the Bearers as he explained, “Remember that conjecture I was talking about earlier? Well, now it’s a theory.” He sat down. “Everypony has their biases, some way of viewing the world informed by their experiences. Star Swirl was no different. He was right about the best elements within us spreading light and virtue, but I think he was wrong in how they viewed them.” His focus turned to Applejack as he continued, “Sure, you need strength to fend off the forces of nature, but there’s more than one kind of strength. You also need inner strength, strength of character. The strength you need to be true to yourself.” The farmer smiled. “The strength to be honest.” Quiver nodded, then turned to Rainbow Dash. “Bravery is something to be applauded, but without good cause, it’s less bravery and more recklessness. You need something worthy to inspire that bravery, and Flash Magnus wasn’t brave to show off.” “He acted for his friends and comrades!” The prismatic pegasus beamed as she finished the stallion’s thought. “He acted out of loyalty!” Quiver then turned to Fluttershy. “Healers don’t do what they do for fame or glory. Their actions are performed because, deep down, they genuinely want to help others. And you need something special for that.” The gentle mare smiled. “A kind heart.” He then turned to Rarity. “Mistmane was famed for her beauty long after she sacrificed it to save her home and redeem Sable Spirit. That’s because true beauty isn’t on the outside, but on the inside. And she showed it by giving of herself to help others where she could, in ways big and small.” The elegant mare smiled. “A generous spirit.” Now to Pinkie Pie. “And the best way I know to spread hope and lift a pony’s spirit?” “Laughter!” The party pony giggled. Finally, to Twilight. “And sorcery is just one of a number of ways to express magic. The fact that Star Swirl’s journal reacted to you, and Meadowbrook’s mask reacted to Fluttershy, suggests some sympathetic magic between the two of you and the two of them. Each of you does your best to live up to those elements, and show the best parts of yourselves, just as the Pillars did at their best.” Quiver smiled and summarized, “Girls, you’re a legacy.” Neighsay cleared his throat. “As appealing as this theory is, if what Princess Twilight says is correct, then Stygian also contributed to the strengthening of the Tree. If that’s so, then why are there only six elements? By that logic, there should be seven.” Luna smiled and then prompted, “Sister, I think it’s time.” Celestia nodded, then turned to her former student. “Twilight, I must apologize. I’ve kept something from you, something related to the Tree of Harmony that I have only shared with Luna. I only did so because it was but a simple theory at the time, but given all that you have uncovered, that theory appears to have more validity to it than it did before.” The younger sibling continued where her elder left off. “Do you recall that when you returned the Elements to the Tree, two strands of magic went through it?” “Of course. One created the Chest, and the other went up a branch…” Twilight gasped. “Oh my gosh! You’re not saying that there’s now a seventh Element of Harmony?!” “That was my initial theory, but given the information that you have uncovered, I think it’s less that one was created, and more that another may have been there all along, lying dormant until triggered.” Celestia smiled. “And I think we both know who might be responsible for that coming to pass.” Twilight laughed, more than a little awestruck at the implications, before Rainbow Dash interjected, “Hang on! This doesn’t mean we have to track down a seventh key, does it?” “No, I don’t think so.” Twilight smiled. “Opening the Chest is meant for the six of us. The seventh Bearer, if they’re who I think they are, probably has their own trials to face. Assuming they haven’t done so already.” “But who…?” Applejack paused as she realized exactly whom her friend was thinking of, then laughed. “She’s gonna have her some mixed feelin’s about this.” “Can’t you say the same about the rest of us?” Twilight wondered aloud, “But what could that element be? And what would Stygian have represented if he’d been recognized as a Pillar?” Quiver shrugged. “Well, I don’t know about that seventh element, but if it were me, I’d say that Stygian’s virtue would be Vision. He saw a danger to Equestria, and he saw what needed to be done to defeat it, and assembled the group we now know as the Pillars of Equestria. That he didn’t get any credit for it is a tragedy.” “No kidding.” Moondancer approached the plinth upon which had appeared the projection of the Pony of Shadows and explained, “The other Pillars are at least fondly remembered as legends in their own right, but Stygian was forgotten in favor of what he became.” She sadly looked to Princess Luna. “I guess history does repeat if you’re not careful.” The Princess of the Night nodded solemnly. “Indeed. Stygian’s tale may have had a different start, but the road traveled led to similar places to mine.” She then looked up and asked, “Which raises the question of what happened to the seven of them.” “Actually, I think I might know!” Twilight stepped forward and explained, “Star Swirl and the Pillars pulled themselves and the Pony of Shadows-slash-Stygian into Limbo! The gap between worlds!” “That’s plausible, given Star Swirl knew how to travel between them.” Moondancer turned to Lyra. “It’s not impossible that he could figure out how to only go part of the way, rather than cross the entire gap.” The minty green unicorn grinned. “Especially given what else he came up with.” “And even better, I think that we can bring them back.” Twilight grinned eagerly as she explained, “And best of all, it’ll be like they never left! Limbo is a no-place! Time stands still there!” Quiver’s expression turned worried. “Um, Twilight…” “The first thing that we’d need to do is gather artifacts linked to the Pillars. We have Star Swirl’s journal, and we can easily borrow Meadowbrook’s mask from Cattail. That just leaves locating the other four…” The stallion approached the young alicorn and raised his voice. “Twilight, I think you need to…” “And after that, we can just bring them here, and reverse the spell! Granted, it might be difficult, but we know what we’re looking for, so…!” “TWILIGHT SPARKLE!” Quiver then grasped Twilight’s head with both hooves and turned it to face him. “Will you stop for one second, use that big brain of yours, and think?!” Now satisfied that he had the young mare’s attention, he asked, “Now, the Pillars pulled themselves into Limbo in order to trap Stygian, AKA the Pony of Shadows, correct?” “Well, yes!” “Ergo, assuming that we’re able to find the remaining four artifacts and perform the spell, what would happen?” “We’d bring the Pillars back!” “And…?!” The gears in Twilight’s head started turning, and she realized what Quiver was getting at. “And we’d release Stygian in the process.” “And something tells me that in order to stop him, even with Star Swirl and the Pillars back in the bargain, we’d need the Elements of Harmony, or something like them.” Quiver released his grip on his friend’s head. “I agree with you, releasing Star Swirl and the Pillars would be a good thing. But now isn’t the time. There’s a lot here that we still don’t know. You need to wait, at least until after the Chest has been opened. Maybe after that, we can try and locate those artifacts.” Twilight sighed. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” “Hey, if either of us should be apologizing, it’s me. I rough-hooved a member of the nobility.” The various Guardsponies present laughed as Celestia chimed in, “I don’t think that anypony will be pressing charges. Besides, you were clearly acting with the best of intentions.” The elder alicorn approached with her sister. “In any case, Mister Quiver Quill is right. One quest at a time, hmm?” Twilight nodded. “Of course.” Twilight looked around and managed a sad smile. “Still, with all of this, it feels like we’re leaving something unfinished.” “Maybe so, but I think we’ve found a lot of those puzzle pieces.” Sunrunner approached. “Maybe we don’t know where the Tree came from, but we know where the Elements came from. Plus, we’ve shed light on a part of Equestria’s history that had been dismissed as legend up until now. If that isn’t a victory, I don’t know what is.” That brightened Twilight’s spirits, and she smiled. “Alright then everypony. Let’s go home.” - Fortunately for the residents of Stygian’s village, the sleeping draught had worn off within an hour of the Siren’s defeat. Further, they were none the worse for wear, especially after receiving treatment from Meadowbrook and Mistmane, and they were more than pleased at the presence of the Royal Sisters. Naturally enough, celebrations were upon them. Stygian found himself of mixed feelings about this. Yes, the village had every right to celebrate, as a terrible evil had been defeated and ponies of great fame and renown were among them and responsible. But a part of him, perhaps fueled by envy, found himself wishing that his part had been acknowledged by his neighbors. As comforting as it was that his part was being acknowledged by the Royal Sisters and all of the Pillars save Star Swirl, it hurt that he was being outshine by them. As the scholar entered his home and considered his thoughts, he tried to take comfort in the fact that the deed had been done. Basso Profundo was defeated, and no longer of their concerned… at least, for now. Stygian looked among his books, and thought of the stories he had collected and the tales he had been told of his friends’ exploits. The realm was still young, and it would need defenders. Perhaps it had them. For now, Stygian needed to do what he could to help them keep the realm safe. And perhaps, with time, he would be seen as an equal to the Pillars. At least, he could hope. - As the Aurora made its way across Equestria, Quiver sat alone in the airship’s lounge and watched the world speed by far below. The others had likely retreated to the bunks that had been set aside for them or elsewhere on the airship, which left him to himself until they reached their destination. He didn’t mind being alone, at least in this case. It gave him time to reflect, even if it would only be for so long. Celestia had made arrangements for the airship to speed back to Ponyville and drop off most of its passengers there before returning to Canterlot, which saved him and many of the others the trouble of getting train tickets home. He certainly didn’t mind. The sooner he was back home and in bed, the better. “Excuse me.” His reverie was broken as he turned to see the one pony onboard that he had no genuine desire to spend time with. “May I join you?” Quiver shrugged. “It’s a free country, last I checked.” Neighsay sat at an empty chair at the table, and did his best to keep a neutral expression. “As much as I disagree with how you provided it, your advice to Princess Twilight Sparkle was sound. Thank you, for preventing her from making a terrible mistake.” “However?” “However, as insightful as you are, that doesn’t excuse your earlier behavior.” The older stallion locked his gaze upon the younger. “I have no expectation that everypony will like me, and am resigned to that fact. Life is not a popularity contest. Your earlier claims, however, are something that I refuse to ignore. Everything that I have done, every policy decision that I have made, has been for the good of Equestria. What you called me…” “Is completely accurate. Your actions and policies have been short-sighted, hypocritical, and bigoted, and despite your claims to the contrary, they’ve hurt Equestria far more than they’ve helped it. I’d elaborate upon how, but something tells me that would be a waste of my time.” “And by what logic…?” “Because I was raised by a pony like you, Chancellor.” Quiver’s gaze was now locked upon the older stallion, even as he shifted in his seat to help showcase his cutie mark. “You see this? I earned this cutie mark by writing a story as part of a school assignment, and then reciting it in front of my classmates.” “So I’ve heard. It was about Nightmare Moon, and surprisingly accurate.” “Well, you know what happened after that? I was mocked for my story, was suspended for trying to defend myself, and rather than try to hear my side, my father yelled and screamed at me as if I had burned down the house. He dismissed my story as horseshit, along with the tale of Nightmare Moon, and when he laid eyes on my cutie mark, he yelled at me to scrub it off and called me a ‘retarded little shit’. His exact words.” The hardened expression on the bureaucrat’s face softened. “What? How could he…?” “Might’ve been because I had a younger brother who’d been diagnosed as a low-functioning autistic, and that condition seems to be genetic. Might’ve been because his day had been disrupted and he’d had to drag my worthless plot home. Might’ve just been due to him being a bitter old goat of a stallion. His name is ‘Bitterhoof’, after all. Regardless, he’s never once shown any sort of regret about any of those statements. Even after I scrubbed my flank so hard that I had a bald patch for a week afterwards. Cutie mark was still there when the fur grew back, and he still thought that I’d faked it.” “But Nightmare Moon…Princess Luna…” “You want to know what happened when the papers reported on the return of Princess Luna? About the reveal that Nightmare Moon had been a real pony? He practically shoved the papers at me and then went into a rant about how Equestria and its citizenry were being lied to. ‘Alicorns don’t magically appear out of thin air’, he said. ‘You’d have to be a complete retard to believe anything these plotholes are telling us’, he said. All while glaring at me with the same venom as the day that I’d earned my cutie mark.” Quiver scowled. “Didn’t really discourage me from thinking that his stance hadn’t changed.” Neighsay, to his credit, actually looked shocked. “And I remind you… of him?” “From my perspective, Chancellor, you and my father are both cut from the same cloth. You’re both stubborn, and absolutely convinced that you are right and that everypony else is wrong, simply because you say so. Sure, there are subtle differences, but between authoritarian attitudes, specist policies and certain physical characteristics, the two of you are little different to me.” He gestured to his chin and explained, “It doesn’t help that you both have beards.” The chancellor unconsciously reached for his facial hair, before shaking his head. “Well, I am not your father. Like any sane pony, I cannot and would not support such behavior as his. And regardless, I am stallion enough to admit when I am wrong.” “You’ll forgive me if I don’t take your word for it. Authority figures have tended to fail me, and not just my father.” The older stallion noted the hard tone in the younger’s voice, and opted to turn discussion elsewhere. “Well, putting all of that aside, that still doesn’t explain your feelings regarding my policies.” “Then let’s elaborate on those. First, your hypocrisy. You’re the stallion in charge of Equestria’s schools and everything about them. Including what’s taught in them, and what isn’t taught in them.” Quiver raised an eyebrow. “Do you know how many schools have incorrect maps of Equestria? And how many schools have maps of the lands beyond Equestria?” Neighsay found himself uncertain, but did have a defense. “I’m hardly responsible for how funding is used by each school district…” “That doesn’t answer my question.” Quiver crossed his hooves in front of him and explained, “Chancellor, I’ve seen maps of Equestria that depict the North and South Luna Oceans as being one big Luna Ocean, and maps depicting them separated by the land bridge that leads to the Undiscovered West, in the same classroom. In public schools and at the college level. And as hard as it is to find maps that agree with one another, it’s even harder to find maps of the nations beyond Equestria’s borders. We have trade agreements with Abyssinia, but you’d be hard pressed to find any maps depicting it, let alone a pony who could point it out on said map. And that’s ignoring all the nations that came into existence in the wake of Equestria’s last big war with the griffons, or places like Farasi or Anugypt or Mortaurus. For somepony who takes such an active interest in Equestria’s national affairs, you seem very disinterested in ensuring that the youth of Equestria know anything about their neighbors, or nations abroad.” The stallion scowled. “That sort of thing has consequences, Chancellor. Consequences that Princess Twilight and her friends can tell you about first-hoof. Spike still gets looked down upon, despite having been instrumental in saving the Crystal Empire. There’s a zebra who lives near Ponyville, and she was treated as a pariah simply because she was different. A minotaur came to Ponyville to do business, and various ponies casually called him a monster without a second thought despite him committing no crimes and doing nothing immoral or illegal.” He then gestured with one hoof. “Which brings me to your bigotry. The fact is that under your watch, Equestria’s schools became segregated. Not only is that against everything Equestria stands for, but it’s caused nothing but trouble.” Neighsay turned defensive. “That was done for a multitude of reasons.” “Ponies separated from non-ponies in our schools? I’ve no doubt that you had a multitude of reasons, but I doubt that many of them were properly benign. And that ignores the fact that lives were disrupted, and friendships damaged because of ponies and non-ponies being plucked from one school and dropped in another like interchangeable parts in a machine.” “It has long been my opinion that non-ponies, regardless of their race, are better off being taught by their own kind.” “And what if their own kinds hate us?” Quiver’s expression didn’t shift. “You and I both know that one of the big things that led to the last big war between Equestria and the griffons was a rising attitude among them about griffon superiority over ponies, over how we were an inferior race. That attitude hasn’t gone away, Chancellor, despite everything that was done after the war to stamp it out. And what do you bet me that there’s some resentment amongst the various minorities in Equestria over how they’ve been marginalized and treated? I grew up in the inner city of Indianapoloosa, and there were more than a few donkeys, old and young, who had nothing but contempt for ponies, mules, or donkeys who were part of a system that they thought was oppressive.” He crossed his hooves and explained, “That’s where the short-sightedness comes in. You created that situation, and it’s eventually going to fester into something terrible and nasty. One that will cause a lot of pointless bloodshed, and even more resentment and contempt once everything is said and done. And not just in major cities like Manehatten, Phillydelphia or Indianapoloosa, but places like Ponyville. Something like it almost happened in Appleloosa not too long ago between the ponies and a nearby tribe of buffalo. You want to fight that? End segregation. Encourage ponies and non-ponies to look at one another as equals rather than as lesser creatures, oppressors, or something to be feared and hated for what they are. You might not be able to end animosity between various creatures, but you can do a lot to mitigate it. All that’s needed is a better way, and the courage to pursue it.” Neighsay regarded the stallion before him in silence, before he slumped back in his seat. “You raise a compelling argument. It’s hard to believe that a stallion like your father could instill such attitudes into you, and still sound so abusive.” Quiver snorted. “My opinions are my own, not my father’s. Though he’d still agree with me that segregation is bad, just for different reasons.” The older stallion frowned thoughtfully, but opted to turn discussion elsewhere. “No questions about how I knew of your Nightmare Moon story, then?” Quiver shrugged. “Princess Celestia runs a school. You’re in charge of how schools are run. That one or either of you would interact with other teachers or school administrators isn’t too much of a stretch, even if you running into Principal Fairweather or Miss Persimmon in particular is unlikely.” “Well, Fairweather was part of the delegation sent by Indianapoloosa Public Schools alongside his predecessor as superintendent of that particular district. I will admit, them having that particular piece with them would beggar belief.” He gave the younger stallion a curious expression. “But why tell the story the way you did? So far as most foals your age at the time knew, Nightmare Moon was little more than a boogey-mare.” “I wasn’t like most foals my age.” A sad smile crossed his lips. “One thing that both my parents encouraged me to do was to question things, and keep an open mind. What foals get told is one thing, but whether or not it’s factual is another. Sometimes that’s due to deliberate lies, other times negligence, but regardless, the truth can always get distorted. I went digging beyond what was in the children’s section of my local library, and that’s how I found what was closer to the actual reality behind Princess Luna’s fall.” “Among other things, it would seem.” Neighsay almost smirked as he admitted, “At this rate, you’ll start saying that Grogar exists.” Quiver uncrossed his forelimbs, and tapped the table between them with one hoof to emphasize each example he gave. “Nightmare Moon. Discord. Changelings. The Crystal Empire. Star Swirl the Bearded. All of them were very real, and all of them were practically forgotten by history up until recent events proved that they were real. At the rate things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me if Grogar was not only real, but could be out there waiting for the right time to come back.” He then shrugged. “But I wouldn’t complain if I was wrong.” At that, Neighsay laughed. “Nor would I.” The stallion got back to his hooves. “You’ve given me a great deal to think about, Mister Quiver Quill, but one thing doesn’t require much thought on my part. Your father was wrong about you. I can only hope for his sake and yours that he realizes it before it’s too late.” “Well if you don’t mind having a little bit more to chew over?” At the older stallion’s raised eyebrow, Quiver explained, “The zero-tolerance pilot program in Indianapoloosa? Probably not as successful as you’d think. Fairweather has a tendency to puff himself up, especially if it lets him kiss up to authority figures like yourself. I didn’t straighten up because I feared further punishment from the schools, and the ponies who did worse crimes have long been getting away with it. Primrose Thorn, for example.” “Great-granddaughter to Congressmare Amaranth Thorn? The only mare to be rejected from the School for Gifted Unicorns?” “The very same. She and two other fillies assaulted a fourth, sheared off her mane and trapped her in a restroom. The filly was punished as a result, and Primrose got off without a hitch from Fairweather. That filly’s family filed a police report, but nothing was ever done about it. All because of her family connections.” Quiver got to his hooves himself. “Just ask Lieutenant Sunrunner about it. She was the one they assaulted. And all that ignores what she recently got into in Ponyville. Regardless, I suppose that it’s something for you to look into.” As the younger stallion trotted out of the lounge, Neighsay’s expression firmed. “Indeed it is.” - The Aurora slowly descended on the plains to Ponyville’s north until it came to a smooth landing. Hatches opened and gangplanks were extended, and the majority of its passengers disembarked. “I am so very glad that we’re home.” Quiver yawned as he idly walked among his friends as they departed the airship. “Even putting aside my job, something tells me it’s gonna be a busy day tomorrow.” “Yes, but remember, we’ll all have to wait until late in the afternoon.” Rarity smiled. “Working around everypony’s schedules and all that.” As the stallion nodded in acknowledgement, Twilight stood at the edge of the gangplank with Spike at her side. Celestia approached her. “I’d be careful about how you break the news to her, Twilight. There’s no telling how Sunset will take it.” “Still, she needs to know.” The young alicorn turned to her mentor and smiled. “And she will. By the end of the day tomorrow.” The elder alicorn nodded. “Good luck then.” Her protégé trotted off to join her friends, but before the last of the departures could join her, he was interrupted. “Spike? One moment.” Spike paused, and quietly approached the princess. “What’s wrong?” Celestia grinned conspiratorially. “Nothing. I just didn’t want you to forget about this.” She then produced a cart, within which rested a fair-sized package. “It’s all ready for her.” The young drake whooped. “Awesome!” He then took the cart by its handles. “Thanks. And thanks again for all the help with this, Princess Celestia.” “It was my pleasure, Spike.” The young dragon then rejoined Twilight and the rest of the departures, and the gangplank was retracted and the hatches closed. Celestia sighed and made her way back into the airship. One day was over, and tomorrow was waiting. With any luck, it would be fruitful for be continued...
Moonlight by StellarDusk
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My thoughts on chapter 3 of Make your MarkNote: Originally written in December 26, 2022,I watched the chapter 3 of Make Your Mark. It took me a while to watch it because I was busy. That said, this is gonna be short because, while I think chapter 3 is better and more focused than 2, I don’t have much to say about it.The premise is that Sunny wants to celebrate Winter Wishday with her friends. However, they have their plans to celebrate it too. Sunny wants to see some shooting stars, Izzy wants to visit her unicorn friends, Hitch wants to spend some time with his grandma and Zipp and Pipp have things to do in their city. In a convinient timing, Zipp reveals she built something with Izzy, and that’s a plane. While it doesn’t look perfect, Sunny’s magic lantern improves the vehicle, and she has the idea of trying to do all these tasks in one day before the shooting stars. Everyone agree and they spend some time with the ponies they love. Unfortunately, some blizzard gets in the way to make things worse. Can Sunny and her friends do it?Like chapter 1, chapter 3 is a 42 minutes special, which I find appropriate for this scope. I don’t quite remember if I said it last year after watching A New Generation, but basically I wished the characters had to go in new places in Make your Mark. And this is kinda what happens. We visit a giant ancient tree in the unicorn forest and we visit Hitch’s grandma’s house. I’m glad that the episode focuses on spendind some time with friends because I think a Christmas chapter going for that direction isn’t bad. The only major conflict is the blizzard, which appears by some funny misunderstanding. The episode is also very colorful, with appealing colors that capture the magic of these holidays. While I haven’t laughed too much, my favourite part was the play of Zipp and Pipp which lasted for… 6 acts, I guess? I’m also glad that Zipp was doing other activities and did some engineering stuff related to that plane because, even though it didn’t look great or safe, at least she tried.I have some minor complaints about the episode. Remember what I said about the use of music whenever Zipp speaks? This time isn’t too constant, but it’s still a bit annoying. Another problem I had was, while I enjoyed this, I wish it was a bit funnier. There’s a scene where Zipp and Pipp are in a hurry and their mom sees the showcase of some shops. That scene could have been much funnier. Another complaint was the use of a classic christmas song Sunny was singing for a bit. I’m aware it sounds weird, but I think Make your Mark shouldn’t depend on classical songs with different lyrics. I think they should go for original songs if they’re going for christmas episodes. Friendship is Magic doesn’t have tons of holiday episodes, but they have original songs and themes, so I think Make your Mark should have been more original in that aspect.Despite everything, I enjoyed chapter 3. Not every episode has to have a premise that involves the antagonist trying to achieve her goals, especially after seeing a lot of that in chapter 2. Sometimes a cozy chill wholesome episode is all you need, and the Christmas days are the perfect occasion for an episode like this. Although I do wonder what they’re going to do with Misty and Opaline. I said it again, but I’m glad that they’re taking their time and develop the characters in a more appropriate way than, say, the season 5 of Friendship is Magic. If you know, you know. I’d argue that my favorite episode is still the first one because it was more focused, but this one is cute.
(LOWER Valentine's Candy themed pokemon - open 3/6 by MH-Adopts
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Emergency Vent + MLP Pony Adopts Auction closed by MH-Adopts
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MLP - Rarity's fancy dresses (Commission NSFW) by RingTeam
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We made it guys! It's been awesome to see the group continue to grow steadily over the months. Thanks to everyone who's helped by watching and contributing art! :happybounce:
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