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Rules and stuff!

Heya! We’re a group dedicated to the upcoming My Little Pony G5. If you are interested about this you should definitely join! Join requests are automatically approved!


Aaaa... I should put some rules here, right?
-If you are interested, just send a member request, do not be shy! ^^
-Be kind and generous, speak onest and be loyal. Laugh a lot and spread some magic! (i know G5 will probably have nothing to do with the elements of harmony, but harmony is still important, right?)

About the folders:

•Featured - here are only the best arts. You are free to submit here, but if I don't think the art is good enough I'll move it to other folder.
•mane six original hasbro vectors - here are only the vectors published as leaks by Hasbro. Original art has nothing to do here.
•Mane six together original artwork - here are arts of the mane six, two or more of them, inspired by the leaks. That means that Twilight has to be an earth pony, Pinkie a pegasus and Fluttershy an unicorn. Besides that, the colors have to fit at least a bit with the leaks. Same thing to all the mane six separately folders (,Twilight original artwork ,Rarity original artwork ,Rainbow Dash original artwork ,Fluttershy original artwork ,Pinkie Pie original artwork, Applejack original artwork)
• original g5 designs - original G5 concepts for any canon character, including the mane six artworks that doesn't fit in the other mane six folders.
•Equestria Girls G5 and other G5 anthros - any anthro or EqG design of the mane six inspired by the Hasbro leaks.
•OCs G5 designs - arts of how would your OC look in the G5 universe
•G5 with other previous generations - crossovers between the G5 and other MLP previous generations.
• other things I missed - anything that doesn't fit in the other folders

The group icon is made by TheFandomizer316, thanks for letting us use it ^^

Group Info

This is one the first groups dedicated to My Little Pony the 5th generation (the only one as this point that still is active, I know about two more G5 groups, but both of them have only deactivated admins), even known that g5 didn't even started yet, there are already some arts dedicated to the original Hasbro designs. That's what we're for!
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I know it's not much for a group, but still YAY ^^
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Rainbow Dash - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Rarity - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Fluttershy - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Pinkie Pie - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Official leaks and Hasbro images
Play date by Madgurl97
MLP Gen 5-Sunny meets Bambi by Adean-Eris-Micheals
Alphabittle and Misty by Sallylla
Inktober (2022) Day 7: Trip by HarmonyBunny2022
Mane six together original artwork
Rarity's Smile by TheDarkTercio
Mlp G5 by ZillaPrime
Mane 6 by livbri
Mlp - The Mane 6 by chanyhuman
Twilight original artwork
Twilight Sparkle in her hot air balloon by TheDarkTercio
Twilight by Dash-Wang
Mlp pony life alicorn Twilight Sparkle by DayDreamSunset23
Twily by RiaRiiRii2
Applejack original artwork
Applejack Fall Harvest by TheDarkTercio
[MLP] GEN5 Applejack redesign by AmberPone
Applejack - G5 redesign by Scalent
Applejack G5 by Lilith1Light
Rainbow Dash original artwork
MLP A New Gen-Rainbow Dash by Adean-Eris-Micheals
Rainbow dash watching over the mountains by TheDarkTercio
Rainbow Dash by livbri
Rainbow Dash by livbri
Pinkie Pie original artwork
Inktober (2022) Day 22: Heist by HarmonyBunny2022
Doll by RSD500
Pinkie Pie whit Gummy by TheDarkTercio
Pinkie Pie Smilling in the Fields by TheDarkTercio
Rarity original artwork
Rarity is Glamour by TheDarkTercio
Rarity does makeup by annaxeptable
[MLP] GEN5 Rarity redesign by AmberPone
Rarity G5 by Lilith1Light
Fluttershy original artwork
Fluttershy Fliying whit angel by TheDarkTercio
[MLP] GEN5 Fluttershy redesign by AmberPone
A Beautiful Night (Speedpaint) by dinosaphira99
FlutterShy G5 - My little pony by aqua-pony
original g5 designs and concepts
Oleander Nightshade by Madgurl97
Couple in nature by Sparrowstarr
goth izzy by Sparrowstarr
The Great and Powerful Pipp Petals by TheDarkTercio
Equestria Girls G5 and other G5 anthros
The Dazzlings Sonata Dusk Rock Star by TheDarkTercio
OCs G5 designs
Creambrun 2 [original artist @PigFish1102] by Dash-Wang
G5 with other previous generations
New Ponies on the Block by Pony-Berserker
G5 bases
mlp g5 base 36 | tell your tale by quokozo
Tipping Point by Pony-Berserker
Opinions and thoughts about G5
Review of MLP: Make Your Mark. So my fellow bronies, G5 had finally appeared, I am excited to see that the fandom has come out of the coma and has embraced the newest generation of pony awesomeness. So, after having recently watched the first episodes of the new series, I have some thoughts that I would like to share with the fandom. 1) The series is off to a great start already. Admittedly, I found the first few episodes dull and thought that the conflicts were not interesting and were resolved too quickly. However, in the later episodes, the conflicts began to be more challenging, and we were able to see greater interaction between the characters. This can lead one to only hope that the episodes will get even better as the series progresses. While watching G4, I honestly felt that the series truly picked up in season 2, and continued to get progressively better as the series continued. So its understandable why G5 would have a similar progression. 2) The show strikes a perfect balance of being like G4, yet also different enough to appreciate a new show. Already, it’s interesting to see how the series will function in a season long format, with each episode being a continuation of the previous episode. While having nearly episode in G4 as a stand alone episode was interesting, it was sometimes frustrating to see some characters appear to grow by the end of the episode, but then seemingly revert back to their old selves as the episodes continued. Similarly, the new technology is also an interesting twist, which I look forward to more episodes exploring. Seeing social media parodied, with references to YouTube and TikTok is quite refreshing. Something which I hope to see resolved sooner rather than later is the question of non-pony races. While the show has already explained why the unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies have separated from one another, when will we find out the fate of the Dragons, Griffins, Changelings, Hippogriffs, and Yaks? Besides Sparky, we haven’t seen head nor tail of them (pun intended). I honestly hope that our new cast of characters goes on adventures to distant lands, much like the G4 cast did, repairing relations between ponies and non-ponies. Many members of the fandom had already called it, but I am stating now that I believe that Flurry heart is Opaline. I surely have been wrong before, until his appearance in season 7, I strongly believed that Discord was in fact Star swirl the bearded. In fact, I had a whole detailed fan-theory about Starswirl being Celestia’s spurned lover. I will link to my AU theory which describes it. I also believed that Pinkie Pie was estranged from her family, however I was wrong about that. Yet, I also was adamant that Tirek, the greatest G1 villain produced, would make an appearance, and I was right. With Opaline being Flurry heart, we certainly do not have much to go on. However, a close look at their eyes can reveal something interesting. Even though their bodies are quite different, their eyes are identical. Seriously, take a look at any image of Flurry heart, then Opaline, and one will see how their eyes have the same structure. Furthermore, we know that Opaline and Twilight were contemporaries, as Opaline bans Twilight for foiling her plans. Also, as some commentators have pointed out, there’s something very interesting about Flurry heart which makes her a viable candidate. We know Flurry Heart was born an Alicorn, meaning she never, unlike Twilight, was ever a Unicorn, or any other pony for that matter. Cadance was already older than Twilight and presumably stuck in her ways, meaning that her desire to overthrow Twilight is implausible. Furthermore, every Alicorn princess appears to have an evil side. Celestia’s and Luna’s were Daybreaker and Nightmare moon respectively. Is it possible that growing up an Alicorn, and born into a life of royal luxury would make Flurry Heart a firm believer in Alicorn supremacy? Is it possible that Flurry heart resented a system of checks on the monarch’s power, as was demonstrated to exist in later seasons? While so far, the evidence for this is weak without very much information, weaker than the evidence of Star Swirl being Discord at the end of season four, this at least, seems plausible. At the very least, it is far more plausible than any other character already seen on G4. Admittedly my first thought was Chrysalis, but if it was the changeling queen, it appears bizarre and unnecessary, without any subjects under her command, that she would feel the need to impersonate an Alicorn to rule over ponies. Furthermore, there is a deeper problem, Queen Chrysalis is primarily concerned with lordship over the Changelings, and providing food for her subjects. However, no Changeling has been seen yet, and if she has broken free from her stone prison, which is at least hypothetically possible, then she probably would have tried to track down her hive and restore the old ways of the Changelings. While she was still dominated by a revenge fantasy against Twilight and her friends, now with Twilight gone and her friends presumably dead and buried, it just doesn’t seem plausible that she would waste her time trying to gain lordship over a species she doesn’t identify with. As for Cozy Glow, while she was a talented little sociopath, ascension to Alicorn appears to take only the best of magic, something that not even Starswirl the bearded could master. It appears that Cozy glow, who is not even a Unicorn, would never be able to master the technique. Of course, there is the plausibility that she’s a brand new villain but given how heavily G5 is drawing on G4 continuity, it seems highly possible they would use an older character. Another theory I would like to share with the fandom is that Izzy is the direct descendent of Pinkie Pie. While all of the new G5 characters resemble the main cast in G4 to some degree, Izzy bears the most resemblance. Both Pinkie Pie and Izzy have the same bubbly personality which seeks to befriend everyone. The fact that she is a unicorn while Pinkie Pie was an Earth pony should come to no surprise. Given that the cake twins were a unicorn and Pegasus who were born to earth ponies. Furthermore, of all the G4 cast, Pinkie Pie was the only one canonically established to have produced a child. Thank you for being with me today, -Alekthewererat....
Mareillion - Misplaced Fillyhood by Grapefruit-Face
I Kid You Not by Pony-Berserker
G5 cutie marks
.:Cutie Marks Generation 5:. by KittyPainty
other things I missed
But I Didn't Listen Izzy Moonbow G4 Style by MLP-PrincessTwi
Original G5 background fanart
My first life sized version of this pony!! by PurpleNebulaStudios
Made with character generators
Mlp G5 Spike pony version (Pony Twon App) by DayDreamSunset23
OCs with G5 cannon characters
Counter Top Cuddles (Grapepipp - MLP G5) by Grapefruit-Face


As time passes by... AppleJack Gen5 by UnluckyPaww As time passes by... AppleJack Gen5 :iconunluckypaww:UnluckyPaww 112 8 Final Verse as a deer by skunkfrakker Final Verse as a deer :iconskunkfrakker:skunkfrakker 11 1 BlueLightning (Next gen OC) by RoyalPariah BlueLightning (Next gen OC) :iconroyalpariah:RoyalPariah 6 0 G5 Middy by Prince-Lionel G5 Middy :iconprince-lionel:Prince-Lionel 116 4 My Little Pony G5 Cheerilee by santamouse23 My Little Pony G5 Cheerilee :iconsantamouse23:santamouse23 26 5 One of Pinkie's new designs (Spoilers? I guess) by princesschaos05 One of Pinkie's new designs (Spoilers? I guess) :iconprincesschaos05:princesschaos05 19 4 Rarity G5 by MarinaMorena Rarity G5 :iconmarinamorena:MarinaMorena 5 3 Fluttershy the unicorn by RinHedeaki Fluttershy the unicorn :iconrinhedeaki:RinHedeaki 33 3 Ponk Redraw by DarkHeartMlp Ponk Redraw :icondarkheartmlp:DarkHeartMlp 15 1 Rarity G5 design - contest entry by chrxllx Rarity G5 design - contest entry :iconchrxllx:chrxllx 25 8 Maple Moon by PeachTiger Maple Moon :iconpeachtiger:PeachTiger 10 4 It's Coming Whether You Like It Or Not by TheFandomizer316 It's Coming Whether You Like It Or Not :iconthefandomizer316:TheFandomizer316 49 28 SPOILER: Possible gen5 AJ by ThatOneGib SPOILER: Possible gen5 AJ :iconthatonegib:ThatOneGib 78 17 My Little Toyetic. NONE TEXTS by Atariboy2600 My Little Toyetic. NONE TEXTS :iconatariboy2600:Atariboy2600 160 12 G5 Trixie (Contest Entry) by Blinkingpink G5 Trixie (Contest Entry) :iconblinkingpink:Blinkingpink 45 6 Unicorn Fluttershy Emotion Board by Wicked-RED-Art Unicorn Fluttershy Emotion Board :iconwicked-red-art:Wicked-RED-Art 90 0

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