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Rules and stuff!

Heya! We’re a group dedicated to the upcoming My Little Pony G5. If you are interested about this you should definitely join! Join requests are automatically approved!


Aaaa... I should put some rules here, right?
-If you are interested, just send a member request, do not be shy! ^^
-Be kind and generous, speak onest and be loyal. Laugh a lot and spread some magic! (i know G5 will probably have nothing to do with the elements of harmony, but harmony is still important, right?)

About the folders:

•Featured - here are only the best arts. You are free to submit here, but if I don't think the art is good enough I'll move it to other folder.
•mane six original hasbro vectors - here are only the vectors published as leaks by Hasbro. Original art has nothing to do here.
•Mane six together original artwork - here are arts of the mane six, two or more of them, inspired by the leaks. That means that Twilight has to be an earth pony, Pinkie a pegasus and Fluttershy an unicorn. Besides that, the colors have to fit at least a bit with the leaks. Same thing to all the mane six separately folders (,Twilight original artwork ,Rarity original artwork ,Rainbow Dash original artwork ,Fluttershy original artwork ,Pinkie Pie original artwork, Applejack original artwork)
• original g5 designs - original G5 concepts for any canon character, including the mane six artworks that doesn't fit in the other mane six folders.
•Equestria Girls G5 and other G5 anthros - any anthro or EqG design of the mane six inspired by the Hasbro leaks.
•OCs G5 designs - arts of how would your OC look in the G5 universe
•G5 with other previous generations - crossovers between the G5 and other MLP previous generations.
• other things I missed - anything that doesn't fit in the other folders

The group icon is made by TheFandomizer316, thanks for letting us use it ^^

Group Info

This is one the first groups dedicated to My Little Pony the 5th generation (the only one as this point that still is active, I know about two more G5 groups, but both of them have only deactivated admins), even known that g5 didn't even started yet, there are already some arts dedicated to the original Hasbro designs. That's what we're for!
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I know it's not much for a group, but still YAY ^^
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Gallery Folders

Rainbow Dash - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Rarity - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Fluttershy - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Pinkie Pie - MLP Re-design Concept Art. by Dragonfoxgirl
Official leaks and Hasbro images
royal peeps by Andromedasparkz
THEM by DancinRagdolls
Pipp n' Zipp (+SPEEDPAINT) by GaelleDragons
Izzy and limes (SpeedPaint) by dinosaphira99
Mane six together original artwork
Mlp - The Mane 6 by chanyhuman
[MLP] Mane6 GEN5 redesigns by AmberPone
Power Ponies (G5 version) by alexeigribanov
MLP ( Generation 5 ) Mane Six ( Fan Art ) by FantasiaUnicornYT
Twilight original artwork
Twily by RiaRiiRii2
Twilight by RiaRiiRii2
Purple Mood by RiaRiiRii2
Twilight Sparkle G5 - My little pony by aqua-pony
Applejack original artwork
[MLP] GEN5 Applejack redesign by AmberPone
Applejack - G5 redesign by Scalent
Applejack G5 by Lilith1Light
Applejack - SP by AngelLightYT
Rainbow Dash original artwork
[MLP] GEN5 Rainbow Dash redesign by AmberPone
Dashing // Rainbow Dash G5 redesign by Scalent
Rainbow Dash G5 by Lilith1Light
Gen5 Rainbowdash by Jroxs12pone
Pinkie Pie original artwork
[MLP] GEN5 Pinkie Pie redesign by AmberPone
Cloud Party! (mlp next gen) by Scalent
Pinkie Pie G5 redesign by Scalent
Pinkie Pie G5 by Lilith1Light
Rarity original artwork
[MLP] GEN5 Rarity redesign by AmberPone
Rarity G5 by Lilith1Light
Rarity (G5 leak) by bloodtoon
Rarity - SP by AngelLightYT
Fluttershy original artwork
A Beautiful Night (Speedpaint) by dinosaphira99
FlutterShy G5 - My little pony by aqua-pony
G5 Fluttershy by AssertiveShyPony
Mlp g5 butterscoth by DayDreamSunset23
original g5 designs and concepts
Dante - Concept Art Gen 5 by Abbi--Arson
Starling- Concept Art Gen 5 by Abbi--Arson
Evening Serenity - Concept Art Gen 5 by Abbi--Arson
Twilight Gen 5 by Dragonfoxgirl
Equestria Girls G5 and other G5 anthros
+ MLP + G5 Rarity by OceanSongbird
OCs G5 designs
G5 Chatty Cathy by Abbi--Arson
G5 with other previous generations
MLP: Dashies by TajemniczyNick
G5 bases
Pony YCH OPEN ($5USD or 400pts) by graphic-ginger
Opinions and thoughts about G5
Questions regarding MLP G5. Hello fellow Bronies.So, G.5 is now an assured reality, not only this, but it takes place in the same universe as MLP: G4. It's refreshing to see the explosion of fanart and youtube videos about this new phenomenon, truth be told i've been worried that the Brony community was dead, and certainly none of the major fan sights have paid attention to My Little Pony Life. I have not watched it yet, but as I have perpetually promised, I will one day, watch every episode and give it a just review.I know there have been talks about g 5 since season 8 of My Little Pony, and I have seen concept art released from time to time. The newest confirmations are for me a welcome relief. Ever since the hoax of the season five synopsis leak, I have tried to avoid rumors as much as possible.There were rumors I saw from time to time saying that g5 would feature a reimagined case of the previous generation. Much like how G4 had a reimagined cast from G3 ponies, with new interpretations of G1 villains. Truth be told, I would much prefer to see a continued universe than a brand new one. One of the main reasons is that there were some unresolved issues in G4 that still need to be answered.So here's some questions for G5. Warning, I have not read any of the comics, perhaps these questions are resolved there, but even if they are, I donít think thatís a satisfactory explanation. As far as I know, Comics are not considered perfect canon (B-Canon, according to Hasbro) as there have been some notable retcons of comic material in the TV show, so I have read.1) Will we know if Spike ever found a very special somepony Ö or Some Dragon Ö or Some Griffin? If the fan-theory of long aged dragons is true, will Spike still be alive. My personal hope is that he ended up with Princess Ember and together they will have some hatchlings.2) Speaking of Dragons, what happened to the rest of the species? If ponies are at each others throats, what of yacks, griffins, dragons, hippogriffs and donkeys? Have they retreated to their prospective kingdoms and are currently unconnected to the ponies? In between G4 and G5 was there an epic war fought between them?3) Will any of the species who were introduced in the My Little Pony movie make a re-appearance? One of the most disappointing things of the MLP movie was that there were so many groovy species introduced, like anthropomorphic cats. I wish these more humanlike characters made a re-appearance in season 8 and 9. Iíd love to have a giant cat-like character in G5.4) Does Equestria have a ruler if pony society is divided into subclasses once again?5) If not, who raises the sun? More importantly, it has long been confirmed that Celestia and Luna were not immortal, and therefore not part of an infinite process of raising the sun and moon. So can we understand why they needed to do it. A popular fan-theory I have seen suggests that the planet was tilted and made unstable during Discordís reign of Chaos.6) Speaking of G4 species, will Discord make an appearance, and/or be a supporting character? We can only presume that Discord is immortal, meaning that unless something happened to him, he should still exist?7) Have Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Queen Chrysalis been encased in stone all this time? If so will they make a re-appearance? Will the new main characters accidently thaw them out?8) Are the Elements of Harmony still a relevant concept? Are the new ponies going to serve as the elements of their generation, much like Twilight and her friends, and Starswirl and his friends before then?9) Much the same way Starswirl the bearded and his friends had been vanished for some time and then pulled out of their warped dimension, did the mane six suffer a similar fate? If so will they make a re-appearance? I highly doubt they'll become semi-regular characters, like the Starswirl six did in season 8 and 9, as Tara Strong has confirmed that Twilight will not be recast as a g5 character. Yet, I would not be surprised if at some point, the mane six make a grand, one time re-appearance.10) This series appears to be modern, taking place centuries, if not millennia, later. Now here's the kicker, we know that time in the EG universe, canonically linked with the Equestrian universe, passes at the same time, allowing Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle to communicate with one another. If time has continued to pass, and Equestria is modern, does that mean the EG universe is now set in a highly futuristic space age society?
Gravity Falls G5 by MixelFanGirl100
What if Sanrio created MLP G5's anime by Mega-PoNEO
G5 cutie marks
.:Cutie Marks Generation 5:. by KittyPaintYT
other things I missed
Fight the Eclipse by chanyhuman
Original G5 background fanart
If My Little Pony was a live action film  by WolfSpiritClan
Made with character generators
Mlp G5 Spike pony version (Pony Twon App) by DayDreamSunset23
OCs with G5 cannon characters
Ill be fine Graphite by WolfSpiritClan


As time passes by... AppleJack Gen5 by UnluckyPaww As time passes by... AppleJack Gen5 :iconunluckypaww:UnluckyPaww 112 8 Final Verse as a deer by skunkfrakker Final Verse as a deer :iconskunkfrakker:skunkfrakker 10 1 BlueLightning (Next gen OC) by RoyalPariah BlueLightning (Next gen OC) :iconroyalpariah:RoyalPariah 6 0 G5 Middy by Prince-Lionel G5 Middy :iconprince-lionel:Prince-Lionel 113 4 My Little Pony G5 Cheerilee by santamouse23 My Little Pony G5 Cheerilee :iconsantamouse23:santamouse23 23 5 One of Pinkie's new designs (Spoilers? I guess) by princesschaos05 One of Pinkie's new designs (Spoilers? I guess) :iconprincesschaos05:princesschaos05 19 4 G5 Misty Moonrise Concept Art by Will-Owl-the-Wisp G5 Misty Moonrise Concept Art :iconwill-owl-the-wisp:Will-Owl-the-Wisp 28 3 Rarity G5 by MarinaMorena Rarity G5 :iconmarinamorena:MarinaMorena 5 3 Fluttershy the unicorn by RinHedeaki Fluttershy the unicorn :iconrinhedeaki:RinHedeaki 30 3 Ponk Redraw by DarkHeartMlp Ponk Redraw :icondarkheartmlp:DarkHeartMlp 15 1 Rarity G5 design - contest entry by chrxllx Rarity G5 design - contest entry :iconchrxllx:chrxllx 25 8 Maple Moon by PeachTiger Maple Moon :iconpeachtiger:PeachTiger 10 4 It's Coming Whether You Like It Or Not by TheFandomizer316 It's Coming Whether You Like It Or Not :iconthefandomizer316:TheFandomizer316 39 28 SPOILER: Possible gen5 AJ by ThatOneGib SPOILER: Possible gen5 AJ :iconthatonegib:ThatOneGib 77 17 My Little Toyetic. NONE TEXTS by Atariboy2600 My Little Toyetic. NONE TEXTS :iconatariboy2600:Atariboy2600 128 12 G5 Trixie (Contest Entry) by Blinkingpink G5 Trixie (Contest Entry) :iconblinkingpink:Blinkingpink 40 6

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