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Breeding Slot Rules/Form


Breeding Slot Rules/Form

DON'T IGNORE THESE RULES PLEASE! Click here for all of my horse OCs Breedables on all of my characters (except the foals) are all open! However, I'm going to run it a little differently than most might. Read below to get the whole lowdown on how slots work. If you'd like a list of what free breedings you qualify for from my horses let me know and I'll give you a list of the horses you designed/had our characters become mates with! People who get 1 free slot: -The person who designed the horse -Other people who have a character that becomes my character's mate (the free breedable applies to ONLY those two characters, not any other! They cannot pick and choose which horse to breed with mine). Please do ask me if I'd like the foal to become canon if that's the case! If I think it's too early for that you can make the foal a totally separate OC. You will get a free slot and ONE free foal design instead of two since the slot itself was free. Costs: Each character will have different
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My Bio

Heya! I'm just your average Brony who focuses more on the art and humor instead of the actual show itself. Comics, nice people, burgers, and cats are my jam. I also really enjoy music and seeing different people's artstyles!

Sometimes I'll draw animals, non-pony anthros, and base edits. Sometimes it's good to try other stuff besides ponies.

I try my best to be a friendly person so feel free to chat with me. Sometimes I'll quote memes and stuff XD


Pony OC reference sheet here if you want to draw her! fav.me/dcz95k1

Cat OC if you want to draw her: Calypso

Horse OC is here: Alyce

Team Spice - 2020

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone I follow!
Favourite Movies
My Little Pony Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings Trilology, tons of others
Favourite TV Shows
Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A little bit of everything
Favourite Books
All (except 50 Shades of Grey. I'll never read that)
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Ay what's a Kindle Fire considered?
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, paper, art tablet, FireAlpaca, printer scanner
Other Interests
Reading, Eating, Sleeping, Rock hoarding

Donation Pool

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Please pay for commissions and adopts here!

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OC Meme

OC Meme

Haven't done journal memes in forever!!! RULES: - Pick 7 of your OCs in any order. - DON'T LOOK AT QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND. - Please link back to the blank. Blank journal here - Enjoy. ;D PICK YOUR VICTIMS! Rainbow Opal Marley Larry Eye-Candi Cecelia Celestial Rainbolt I'll be writing as the adventurous mohawk head. (belongs to @Dawn-n-Night) Eyeris [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would you like a donut or milkshake? -Rainbow Opal, White Knight, Professional prize fighter. "Yea gimme one of each. Imma dunk the donut in the milkshake lol." -Marley Bones, Umbrum, Professional jerk. *Technically I don't need to eat...but I'll have what she's having.* -Larry who's real name is Fatality, centipede pony, Professional buggo. "I'm not really that fond of pony food...got any deer?" -Eye-Candi, Clydesdale, Professional dad. "One isn't enough for someone of my stature. How about a dozen of donuts instead." -Cecelia, Spider pony, Professional hider. "..." -Celestial Rainbolt

100 Questions Meme!

100 Questions Meme!

What is you middle name? Nicole How old are you? Eighteen but feel fifteen :') What is your birthday? May 19th What is your zodiac sign? Taurus! What is your favorite color? I have a whole bunch...warm tans/browns, neons, pretty much anything except puke green and orange. What's your lucky number? I really like a bunch of numbers. 9, 21, 13, 12, 118... Do you have any pets? Yes! A really old cat named Piglet (Piggy, Piggles), and we have a family dog and some chickens. Where are you from? USA, Pennsylvania How tall are you? 5 feet, 3 inches (could be 4 inches, I don't remember) What shoe size are you? Women's 9 and a half wide. I have biiiig feet for my short body xD How many pairs of shoes do you own? Three or four I think. They're almost always used for different purposes. Work shoes, go outside shoes, winter boots. What was your last dream about? Stomach pain >.< What talents do you have? Uhhhhh I'm pretty good at certain animal mimics. And quoting memes. I guess

Horse Masterlist (Ignore)

Horse Masterlist (Ignore)

Horses With Mates (mine and other people's): -Froggie X Nightar ( @JJLady) -Yasha X Hades ( @FoeGottenNinja) -La Luna X Dusty Gray ( @Strawberry-T-Pony) -Daisy X Harrison ( @derp8675309) -Kai X Oriana (JJLady) -Sassafras X Buck ( @SpicyCos05) -Cedar X Oviya (JJLady) -Umber X Akira ( @X0KnightMare0X) -Maka X River (Derp) -Esme X Fergus -Artie X Gazelle (JJLady) -Fuega X Marine (JJLady) -Byrn X Celeste ( @Crystal119) -Twister X Kage (Crystal) -Piper X Benedict (Derp) -Athena X Freedom (Ninja) -Hazelnut X Eldoris -Elvira X Mano, Esmerelda (Spicy, Ninja) -Braelynn X Dragon's Teeth ( @GeneralLioness) -Apollo X Kazumi, Cash, Sermin ( @XxRedXxHarmomy, Ninja, Spicy) -Raquel X Anthony (Spicy) -Lambkin X Faith ( @KiaraXKovu27) -Panda X Vanilla Cream (Strawberry) -Casey X Pumpkin Spice (Strawberry) -Roxanne X Inked Caligraphy (Strawberry) -Mia X Carrier Xtraction (GeneralLioness) -Vanessa X Wolfsbane (GeneralLioness) -Dirk X En Seco (GeneralLioness) -Litur X Wendigo Haze

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Oi! Found this and immediately thought of you XD


Hello, how's your gallery?.

hi want to be friends

Sorry for the late... Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Thank you! I personally don't celebrate, but I appreciate the gesture ^.^

About the same honestly! XD