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Spinosaurus of Animorphs

This is my view of the "Spinosaurus" (in "Animorphs <Megamorphs #2>") that Rachel and Tobias faced in Deinonychus morph and that the Nesk knocked out. You can tell from the sail and the legs (Tobias describe them shorter than t-rex's legs).

I call it Spinosaurus Americanius (American Spike Lizard) and I think that its a descendent of the Acrocanthosaurus in the Early Cretaceous (which is the main creature I used to create this lifeform).

I have thought of this creature because just like the author of the book wanted to place some truth into her fictional work, i like to place fact into fictional work too. At the she was writing her stories, they thought spinosaurus was a carnosaur with a sail and that just how she wrote it down. Today, we know thats inaccurate. So, fact into fiction.

(drawing from Shiraishi Mineo, altered my me. Give him or she credit)

Enjoy :)
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I like this redesign. It's a much better idea than spinosaurus egypicus being in north america. It's a good stand alone animal as well, not needing Megamorph 2.