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Last Rock Supper

And then the Holy Gibson said : "One of you will betray me"

That idea sounded like the best, but unfortunately I don't have mad skillz enough to draw very likely rock stars.

Anyway, from left to right : St Mick, St Sid, St Elvis, St Syd, Marylin (as Judas, in a kind of hommage), St Janis, the Holy Gibson, St Chuck, St Kurt, St John, St Jimi, St Jim, and St Freddy.
People chosen mostly among the martyrs of rock, although some still living have been allowed (Mick Jagger for iconism, Marylin Manson for playing Judas, Chuck Berry for pretty much inventing Rock 'n Roll).

Done, of course, after Da Vinci's Last Supper, with influence from !yellowworm's absolutely kick ass and far more mad skilled rendition of the painting : [link]
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John Lennon... and Freddy... in the same picture? :iconwahplz:
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Wow. I love 'The Holy Gibson'.
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I didn't find a judas here, but I agree on the idea
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agreed. Although I must ask, where art thou Ziggy? Again, this is fantasmic!
Zurite's avatar
does look like jesus..
.. sorta.
This is effing hilarious XD +fav
I have a new favorite!
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Really cool, yeah Rock'n Roll!!! =)
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This is awesome! I like how you matched up figures to their Biblical counterparts. Some great planning on this piece.
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God gave Rock'N Roll to them X3
Punchinello-Punch's avatar
The Holy Gibson... XD
That's even better than the flying spaghetti monster. This could be the start of a whole series. How about "The DaVinci Chord"? Somebody stop me...
Robin-Redcoat's avatar
Saint John Lennon! Whoo! Nice work, Juju. ;)
Mad-But-Happy's avatar
LOL. You win. :XD: Great work, hahaha.
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"THE HOLY GIBSON", what a f*cking awsome idea!! me likes!!! and you DID pick out some ass kicking saints...XD
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